The 5 best gaming phones in 2022 in the world so far

Tamsin Rodriguez12 May 2022Last Update : 2 months ago
The 5 best gaming phones in 2022 in the world so far

With the progress of the years, the options and competition in the field of gaming phones increased compared to previous years… and we see multiple versions of the same phone that fit all price groups due to the increased demand for gaming phones… Today we present to you the 5 best gaming phones that can be purchased in 2022…

First: Asus ROG Phone 5s Pro

Asus has always been at the fore in the development of gaming phones… The latest release of the company is the ROG Phone 5s series, which was released last August and is an improved version of the ROG 5 series. And this year with the release of ROG 5 in two versions: a regular version and a Pro version. The two versions share the shape, size and most of the specifications, so we find the same excellent screen protected by a layer of Gorilla Glass Victus, a size of 6.78 inches with a high refresh rate of 144 Hz that gives great smoothness during browsing and gaming. Asus has developed an improved processor from the previous generation, which is Snapdragon 888, and it has proven high efficiency while playing games, but it is not the most powerful in the arena currently. The phones feature a special cooling system and a large 6000 mAh battery that supports 65W fast charging. The most notable difference between the phones is the presence of a mini-screen from the back in the Pro version. The price of the phone starts from 660 dollars in the regular version and 1050 dollars in the Pro version, which in turn comes directly with the highest capacity of RAM and storage.

Second: Lenovo Legion Y90

Two years ago, Lenovo entered the gaming phone market from its widest doors through the Lenovo Legion series of phones.. Now we are facing the expansion of the series with the Y90 phone with its powerful and exciting specifications. It came with an exciting design with rear cameras in the middle of the back to avoid touching while playing.. It contains several air outlets for cooling. . The large screen from Samsung, the size of 6.92 inches, supports a refresh rate of 144 Hz and a touch sensitivity of 720 Hz, and this is reflected in high accuracy during pressing and touching with more than one finger on the screen. The phone includes sensitive buttons on the side, and it contains the most powerful Qualcomm processor, which is the first generation Snapdragon 8, and a RAM capacity of up to 18 GB. The battery of the device came with a size of 5600 mAh, with fast charging support with a high capacity of 68 watts. The phone came at a lower price compared to last year’s version, starting at $700.

Third: Nubia Red Magic 7 Pro

When you look at this phone, you will find a full screen without notch or holes… This is because it is the first gaming phone ever to come with a full screen where the front camera is built into the bottom of the screen, giving a unique gaming experience without obstacles… Red Magic 7 Pro is one of the best gaming phones that has It was also released this year in terms of specifications… It suffices to know that the phone has a large 6.8 inch screen that supports a refresh rate of 120 Hz with a standard touch sensitivity of 960 Hz. The first generation Snapdragon 8 processor and the RAM capacity is up to 18 GB, and there is a complex and advanced cooling system, in addition to special touch buttons that can be programmed for games. The company has developed a 5000 mAh battery that supports 65W fast charging.. There is a regular version of the phone without the Pro, which comes with screen edges that contain the front camera, but with a higher refresh rate and a smaller battery. The price of the phone starts from $ 600 for the regular version and $ 800 for the Pro version.

Fourth: Black Shark 5 Pro

The new generation of Xiaomi’s leading gaming phones came in three versions this time: Black Shark 5, Black Shark 5 RS, and the most powerful version, Black Shark 5 Pro… It came with strong specifications at attractive prices… And as in the rest of the gaming phones, We find special game launchers, which are physical pop-up buttons on the side of the phone. There are two steam chambers to reduce the heat of the processor. The screen is excellent, its size is 6.67 inches, and it supports a refresh rate of 144Hz. And performance is enhanced by the first generation Snapdragon 8 processor, the most powerful from Qualcomm in the Pro version. The device is equipped with a battery capacity of 4650 mAh with a charging speed of 120 watts, which is the highest among competitors. This speed allows the phone battery to fully charge in just 15 minutes. The price of the phone starts from 660 dollars in the Pro version.

Fifth: Xiaomi Redmi K50 Gaming

And we conclude with Xiaomi again with the Redmi K50 Gaming phone or its equivalent from Poco, the Poco F4 GT… The phone with a beautiful design came with a great development from last year’s version, and includes the most important features that the player user needs: a good 6.67 inch screen that supports a refresh rate of 120 Hz And the protection of Gorilla Glass Victus, an excellent processor for gaming, which is the first generation Snapdragon 8 from Qualcomm, in addition to a special cooling system. The battery is 4700 mAh and supports 120W fast charging… The phone is distinguished from the competition because it has 4 surround speakers from JBL that give a unique and exciting stereo sound experience. It also has additional pop-up buttons for games, unlike what was the case last year… The price of the phone starts from $ 640 for the global version.

These were the 5 best gaming phones released over the past months… Which phone did you like the most? Write to us in the comments

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