Stunning photo samples from Sharp’s “ultra” flagship show incredible bokeh

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We have witnessed many companies show how a smartphone camera is made “right”. Huawei used to hold the crown for some of the biggest camera sensors on a smartphone for several years. Earlier in 2021 Samsung took the lead with theirs Galaxy S21 Ultra, but this did not last long, as Xiaomi came into the picture with the monstrous Mi 11 Ultra (which even has a full screen looking at the back).

That “smartphone with the best camera “race is far from over. If anything, it’s just starting to pick up speed! However, the latest jaw-dropping candidate does not come from any of the above brands. Not even from Google or Apple.

Aquos R6: The real ‘Ultra’ smartphone

Sharp took the stage to reveal Aquos R6, back in May. The phone will be available from this month, but from now on it will only be sold within the country – in Japan. This does not prevent us from admiring the incredible technology wrapped up in it. Moreover, this is innovation that will definitely seep down to other brands and flagships very soon.

The Aquos R6 has a 1-inch camera sensor, which is the largest we have ever seen on a modern smartphone. This sensor size is common for compact cameras such as Sony-ZV1. That’s why it’s really exciting to have it on a smartphone.

Moreover, the viewfinder for your photos and videos is without a doubt the most technically impressive we have heard of: a 240Hz screen with up to 2000 nit brightness! For context, modern flagships hardly break the 1500 nits barrier, and they often come with 120Hz screens (except for iPhone 12).
Fingerprint sensor technology is also second to none – it covers 11 times more surface area than conventional fingerprint readers on other phones, which should make it much easier to use.
But! Let’s return to the main course! While the impressive screen and fingerprint reader have not yet been tested, we have some actual image examples you can see now!
We have put together a bouquet of 50 photos taken by Sharp Aquos R6’s camera and we hope you enjoy them as much as we did:

Sharp Aquos R6: Landscape photo examples

The first set of images contains some beautiful landscape images. The third image stands out with its extraordinary levels of background separation (bokeh). This does not use any special “standing modes”. Blurring is achieved thanks to the huge sensor and the large F1.9 aperture.

Sharp Aquos R6: Portrait Photo Examples

The second number of photos shows how good the camera is with portraits of people and environments with mixed light. Again, the background separation without special conditions is quite impressive on almost every sample (especially those where the camera is closer to the subject).

Sharp Aquos R6: Studio Photo Examples

This set of snaps leads us to a control environment – a studio. While the camera here gets the benefit of good lighting, we can not deny the vibrant colors and remarkable details. Although the details need to be even greater on the uncompressed 20MP images.

Sharp Aquos R6: Monochrome photo samples

It is certainly a niche category, but the lack of colors certainly does not take away from the beauty of these photographs. The images have good HDR and they look dramatic – everything you want from a black and white photo. Of course, the pictures are taken with the main camera (and only) – not with a dedicated monochrome lens.

Bonus: Take a VR tour of the Sharp Aquos R6 gallery

If you thought these photos were worthy of their own gallery exhibition, Sharp would agree! The company has made it possible through an impressive VR tour, which you can enjoy even if you do not have a VR headset. If you do, you can take a walk around the gallery and experience the images for which it was originally intended. Browse away!

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