iPhone 14 Pro iPhone 14 Pro is coming in a charming color .. and 14 Pro Max may support especially the pen!

The iPhone 14 Pro model has attracted a lot of attention recently, and leaks about it appear more than ever in all technical sites, as Apple is currently working with all its might on the iPhone 14 series, and manufacturers of accessories (such as phone cases) are produced Which means that the design of the iPhone 14 series is already official in the supply chain.

As we all know, the upcoming new series of Apple will have 4 models this time, and these smartphones will be as follows:
The regular version iPhone 14 – iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 14 Pro iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The first two phones (iPhone 14 and 14 Max) will likely continue the usual iPhone notch design, and maintain a 6.1-inch screen. While the latter two may use a hole-grain screen solution, and a 6.7-inch screen can be used, this means that it is entirely possible for Apple to add something new to the iPhone 14 Pro Max at least in terms of size and battery life.

Shiny gold color for iPhone 14 Pro iPhone 14 Pro

reveal the latest a report About the iPhone 14 series Information about the design and the four color options of this device (14 Pro), as in addition to the popular white, black and blue color options, this device will also have a gold version in a very elegant way.

iPhone 14 Pro

It is worth noting that the gold effect of the iPhone 14 Pro in the photo is very similar to the “domestic gold” of iPhone 5 and 6 phones a few years ago, and Apple – at the time – called this color “champagne gold”.

iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s

However, a careful comparison shows that the iPhone 14 Pro has a darker tone and a copper yellow effect. This is more in line with the color scheme of Apple Pro models of the past. And compared to the standard version, it will be lower and more tuned.

The iPhone 14 series is still at least a few months away, but phone reports and leaks are already circulating online, including leaks about the iPhone 14 Pro Max model, which indicate that we may see the iPhone 14 series use a stylus!

This may come as a surprise to some, but given that all Samsung’s flagship phones use this feature, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to boost productivity from Apple, which is always looking to shine and compete for the top spot.

iPhone 14 series launch in 2022: Everything you need to know |  Technology News |  Zee News

iPhone 14 series – iPhone 14 may support Apple Pencil

As we said, there is speculation about the productivity of the upcoming series, as some reports reveal that the iPhone 14 Pro Max may support the use of the Apple Pencil on the phone, and this information has caused a lot of discussion and controversy on social media.


Some netizens believe that iPhone 14 Pro Max supports a stylus for light office work, which can improve productivity and enhance business attributes. However, there are also claims that the smartphone will not use the stylus for productivity purposes.

It is true that for most consumers, a mobile phone stylus is a convenient (albeit relatively) feature, but since mobile phones are often over 6.5 inches in size, it still has a role, and adding this little bracket can also bring in some “ideas for New” and changes to the format.

According to previous reports, the regular iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max models will still use the A15 processor, while the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models will be equipped with the new A16 processor. All four models use 6GB of RAM in operation.

Regarding photography:
The first two models continue to use the 12MP main camera, the last two models will also come with a 48MP main camera and support stunning 8K video shooting.

Do you like the colors available for the series, specifically the “Local Gold” color? Are you tempted by the stylus feature in iPhone phones? Share your comments..

iPhone 14 Pro iPhone 14 Pro is coming in a charming color .. and 14 Pro Max may support especially the pen!

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