iPhone 14 Plus iPhone 14 Plus numbers disappointing for three reasons .. and the company is trying to revive him from death!

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The iPhone 14 series was launched a little over a month ago, which included the regular model, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models, as well as the iPhone 14 Plus with a larger 6.7-inch screen.

Sales of the Pro variants far exceeded expectations, with Apple calling for switching production lines in order to deal with additional demand, while the regular model struggled to gain traction with the crowd.

while on the other hand; The iPhone 14 Plus began shipping last week, and after seven days of public interaction, it appears that it will follow the path of the record iPhone 14 with its “unsatisfactory” numbers, as it is, as the source stated. MacRumours iPhone 14 Plus sales are less than expected and could cause Apple to cut back orders for parts in the next two weeks.

It’s not good news for Apple of course, but it confirms that it hasn’t lost everything yet, and that it is looking for solutions. ).

iPhone 14 Plus Rescue Solutions

There are 3 solutions that Apple must provide in order to revive the iPhone 14 Plus, and they are as follows:

  1. iPhone 14 Plus price is expensive compared to others

While the Plus model represents an exciting new frontier in Apple’s standard range, it carries a really expensive price tag, and given the deals of the iPhone 14 series phones, the price starts from £ 949 to buy the base model iPhone 14 Plus, which is very expensive compared to others.

For less than £200, you can buy the basic iPhone 13 model, which everyone still recognizes, especially when you put the specifications sheet side by side to compare the two phones, the Plus model does not beat the iPhone 13, except in getting a larger screen size by adding 0.6 inches With an extra GPU core, fault detection technology, and a larger battery, the two are otherwise practically identical.

But the iPhone 13 doesn’t suffer from any performance or battery issues, so even though the iPhone 14 Plus model is better for battery life, it solves a problem that didn’t already exist!.

iPhone 14 Plus
  1. The competition is fiercer than ever

There’s no doubt that Apple’s integrated ecosystem makes owning an iPhone an excellent opportunity, but if you haven’t been associated with Apple at all, there are plenty of great devices out there willing to fight for your money.

For example, simply; The recently released Google Pixel 7 Pro offers heaps of enchanting software and a very impressive camera system, dwarfing its rival the iPhone 14 Plus, as well as saving you some money.

There is also a more traditional competitor from the Korean giant, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has a really exceptional spec sheet, and although it is more expensive than the iPhone 14 Plus model, it offers a lot more for this price.

iPhone 14 Plus
  1. The late release damaged the iPhone 14 Plus

As mentioned earlier, the iPhone 14 range was announced more than a month ago, and all the other models were revealed fairly quickly, but the iPhone 14 Plus model was subject to a late release, and this took its toll.

In its early days, the iPhone 14 Plus was pretty cool, how can you not have a phone under £1,000 that gives you the features of a Pro Max without the internal hardware driving up the price, and with that size paired with a better GPU and battery life, it first appeared to us that the Plus model would be One of the best phones on the market.

But we see that the decline was due to many reasons including that it does not offer better features than the regular model and does not come close to the Pro and Pro Max models, and we also believe that the late release schedule made the Plus phone all that initial and annoying noise.

iPhone 14 Plus iPhone 14 Plus numbers disappointing for three reasons .. and the company is trying to revive him from death!

What do you think of the specifications of the Plus model? Do you think it is appropriate for the price?

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