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Android 13 – Android 13 introduces a new feature with disaster detection

The Android 13 operating system continues to provide new updates, as the system introduces a new feature related to a natural disaster, where the system provides a disaster alert.

Details of the new feature in Android 13

Among the new features in Android 13 It is an earthquake warning feature, which will take advantage of the accelerometers built into existing smartphones. By detecting relevant changes, it can then determine the occurrence of the earthquake.

If the mobile phone detects an earthquake, a signal will be sent to Google’s earthquake detection service and report the likely location, then the server will combine various information to determine whether the earthquake occurred or not, it will also determine where and how large it occurred. Finally, it will send alerts and even call emergency numbers.

Android 13 - Android 13 introduces a new feature with disaster detection

Although this is a new feature in Android 13 – Android 13, the earthquake alarm is not a new feature for smartphone users in China, Xiaomi, Huawei and other mobile phones that provide built-in earthquake early warning services.

The principle of earthquake early warning on Xiaomi phones is that after an earthquake, using the principle that radio waves travel faster than seismic waves, it can issue an early warning quickly from a few seconds to tens of seconds to the affected area. This will give them time to avoid impending disaster and minimize losses.

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While the history of Xiaomi’s earthquake warning system dates back to 2019, Huawei’s history dates back to 2020, Xiaomi’s earthquake warning feature uses a pop-up window to send a reminder to users, reminding users when the network detects an impending earthquake that can cause strong ground shaking. It will also determine the location of the seismic wave, the epicenter area and the magnitude of the earthquake. After the warning countdown is over, emergency assistance will be provided.

Android 13 - Android 13 introduces a new feature with disaster detection

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