Analysts: lead times for iPhone 14 series drop below that for iPhone 13 in the same period

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The iPhone 14 series first became available six weeks ago, and the analysts at JP Morgan have tracked the delivery times of all four models during that period (publishing data on the Apple Product Availability Tracker). The lead times are how long it takes between placing an order and receiving the phone.

For the first time since launch, delivery times for the iPhone 14 series have dipped below those for the iPhone 13 series during the same period of availability. However, it is not a like-for-like comparison, as the supply chain was under more stress last year.

The analysts report that delivery times for the iPhone 14 Pro Max (the most popular model in the series) have almost equaled those of the smaller 14 Pro. Meanwhile, demand for the vanilla iPhone 14 is described as “modest”.

Below are the delivery times for the four iPhones plus the new Apple Watch models:

Delivery time (days) Last week This week
iPhone 14 2 2
iPhone 14 Plus 4 2
iPhone 14 Pro 32 29
iPhone 14 Pro Max 34 30
Apple Watch Series 8 11 9
Apple Watch Ultra 25 24
Apple Watch SE 10 9

Note that the iPhone 14 Plus was launched three weeks after its siblings, so it is relatively new to the market.

The analysts at JP Morgan also follow the demand in different regions. In the US, the two Pro models take 32 days each (the Pro Max was 39 days last week). The iPhone 14 and 14 Plus are also similar, but at a brisk 3 days – much lower than the iPhone 13 and 13 mini were early (11 days).

In China, delivery times are even shorter – 22 and 29 days for the Pro and Pro Max respectively, and just 1 day for the 14 and 14 Plus (compared to 12 days for the 13 and 13 mini).

The UK and German markets tell the same story – demand for the Pro and Pro Max has leveled off, the 14 and 14 Plus have next day delivery (compared to over a week for the 13 and 13 mini).

Production is also catching up with demand for the new watches, Apple Watch Series 8, Watch Ultra and Watch SE (2022). The Premium Ultra model takes the longest at 24 days (down from 25 days).

Finally, delivery times for AirPods Pro 2 have dropped to 2 days, down from 3 days a week ago.

If you’re wondering if these numbers are good or bad for Apple, JP Morgan is predicting a record fourth quarter for Apple with revenue of $90 billion, so the answer appears to be “good.”


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