Samsung will launch a smartphone with a sliding screen soon

The rumors about the Korean company Samsung are back, this time for a smartphone with a sliding screen. yes! The company plans to adopt the Slide-Out form factor for the smartphone screen. Moreover, users can only see this new technology this year.

The date of the presentation of the first phone from Samsung with a sliding screen

The latest information now reveals that the company may introduce such a feature later this year 2022. The CEO of DSCC, Ross Young, released some images that install a sliding screen for the Samsung smartphone. So, after seeing the images, we came to the idea that the Korean manufacturer can use two layouts for this Slide-Out factor.

The first can display the screen from right to left, while the other can display from top to bottom. Rumors also suggest that this form factor is acquiring a code name – diamond. On the other hand, the new display format opens the way for Samsung to be the first maker in the market.

The company has been working for a long time on the scrollable project. It looks like users will soon get a chance to play with a new tool and have an amazing scrolling experience.

And since rumors don’t have any Erg, that’s how things go with this news as well. However, when we talk about Samsung, guesses automatically turn into reality.

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In your opinion, what is the main advantage of phones Korean company in general?


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