Best way to unlock iPhone screen

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With the spread of technology, we rely heavily on our phones for everything such as communication, communicating with friends, and even studying and working, but sometimes we face important problems such as forgetting to lock the screen or an error when unlocking the screen, which causes us fear because of the importance of our information that the phone contains There are several problems of this kind such as forgetting the password, a defect in the Face ID, forgetting your iCloud password and other problems that affect our important information, but do not worry if you are facing a problem of this kind, Dr.Fone has the solution with the program Screen Unlock, which provides a screen unlock service for iPhone and iPad, and in this article we will learn about its details, features, and how to use it.

Unlock the screen of the iPhone

Dr. is working. Fone Screen Unlock solves all the problems that you may encounter when unlocking the screen. It removes screen locks of all kinds, such as the password, whether it is 4 or 6 characters, Face ID and fingerprint, and Screen Time Passcode, in addition to it solves the problem of forgetting a password iCloud.

And it is an important problem as you will not be able to access your phone when you forget the password, so Dr.Fone provides the solution and removes iCloud activation lock so that you can access your iPhone with ease.

And not only that, but Dr. Fone Screen Unlock helps you in case you forgot the necessary Apple ID password for all iPhone services as it unlocks your iPhone and enables you to restore all iCloud and Apple ID services.

Also, this feature works even when Find iPhone is enabled. In addition to this, Dr. Fone Provides You With MDM Removal Service If you are facing a problem like forgetting your MDM username or password for your iPhone or iPad, Dr. Fone can bypass MDM to access your device easily.

Also, it will not cause you to lose your data when you remove it. One of the services provided by Screen Unlock is the activation lock bypass service that activates if you have activated the Find My Device service.

If you activate it and forget your Apple ID password, Dr. Fone helps you bypass this problem and removes the activation lock from your iPhone or iPad, but please be aware that this service deletes the data on your device.

Not only that, but Dr. Fone Screen Unlock has many features as follows:

● Unlock all kinds of screen locks

Features Dr. Fone Screen Unlock It works to unlock the screen of all kinds such as the 4- or 6-character password, the screen lock using the fingerprint or the Face ID, and also the screen lock with the Screen Time passcode feature, Screen Unlock works to cancel all these locks without erasing your data .

● Unlock Activate iCloud

Forgetting the iCloud password is a big problem because it is used in many places, especially when you recover your device. When you forget it, you will not be able to access your device in case it is lost, so Dr. Fone is the solution that unlocks iCloud activation and access to your iPhone.

But it should be noted that to use this service you have to jailbreak your iOS system.

● Unlock Apple ID

Screen Unlock has the advantage that it not only works on Unlock the screen of the iPhone It also provides an important feature such as unlocking the Apple ID, which is very important because it provides many services and enables you to access iCloud, Dr. Fone Apple ID unlock feature to restore iCloud services and Apple ID features.

● cancel MDM

MDM service is very important as it enables you to control your device remotely and also helps you in case you lose your device, so forgetting your password has a very important problem and this is one of the features offered by Screen Unlock as it works by bypassing MDM easily.

● Bypass Activation Lock

In the event that you activate the Find My Device service on your iPhone or iPad and then you forgot your Apple ID or something went wrong, do not worry because Dr. Fone offers you Activation Lock Bypass service which enables you to restore your device with ease. It should be noted that this service leads to the deletion of your device’s data.

● Free Trial

The advantage of Dr Fone is that it offers you a free trial on Windows or on Mac so that you can test the program before downloading it to get an idea of ​​it and see if it will suit you or not.

How to use Dr. Fone Screen Unlock

The program is easy to use andHow to unlock the screen of the iPhone It is very simple and takes the following steps:

1- Connect the . device iOS to the computer.

First you will launch Dr.Fone on the computer and select “Unlock lock screen”. Then, connect your iOS device to the computer and click on the “Open iOS Screen” button.

2- Put the device on recovery mode or notDFU

Before starting the screen unlock process, we recommend that you put the phone into recovery mode or DFU, and if you do not know how, instructions will appear on the screen.

3- Confirm the device information iOS

After the previous step, your device data will appear on the screen, such as the device model and others. If the information is wrong, you can modify it through the menus that will appear to you.

4- Unlock the screen

After you modify the information, a new screen will appear with the option “Unlock Now”, click on it to start the process of unlocking the screen of the iPhone or iOS device.

The device will be unlocked within seconds. And please be aware that this method will erase all the data on your device because there is no way yet to unlock the screen without data loss.

In this easy way, you will be able to Unlock the screen From my personal experience, Dr.Fone is a very easy-to-use program that does not require much knowledge in technology, so beginners can use it with ease.

When you download it, you immediately understand how to use it because the interface is very clear and tells you how to use it from start to finish, so you will not face any difficulty while using it.

In the end, if you are facing a problem with locking the screen on your iOS device due to the type of problem or forgetting your Apple ID or iCloud password, Dr.Fone offers you the appropriate solution.

It is also characterized by its fast completion of the task as most programs require a large amount of time to unlock the screen while Dr.Fone unlocks it in a few seconds, and Dr.Fone has a clear interface that makes it easy to use, whether for beginners or advanced in technology.

It also offers a very favorable price compared to the various services and tools that it offers such as unlocking the screen, transferring phone data, transferring WhatsApp data, recovering deleted data and other useful services.

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