iPhone 14 Plus – iPhone 14 Plus Apple makes a shocking decision to produce this phone

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A new report indicates that Apple has reduced production of the iPhone 14 Plus, although it is almost identical to the iPhone 14 except for the screen size.

Apple asks its factories to stop production of iPhone 14 Plus

One source mentioned that at least one factory in China has been told to stop producing components iPhone 14 Plus In order to re-evaluate the demand for the product, due to the low demand for it.

Apple also asked component suppliers to cut production by up to 90% from at least one manufacturer and increase production of iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max parts. Despite changes in production orders for this device, Apple is still expected to include it in the iPhone 15 series in 2023.

However, Apple’s iPhone components supply chain is large and complex, so views from a single source or manufacturer may not reflect the bigger picture. While one manufacturer may see production cuts, another may see increases.

 iPhone 14 Plus - iPhone 14 Plus Apple makes a shocking decision to produce this phone

The iPhone 14 Plus is $100 more expensive than the iPhone 14 and $100 cheaper than the smaller, more premium iPhone 14 Pro.

Pre-orders have also been launched a month later for the iPhone 14 Plus, which could lead to lower demand in the short term.

Pro models typically tend to have significantly higher demand at release, then non-Pro models increase demand and sell more after the first four months of availability.

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