Android 13 – Android 13 How to shoot HDR videos and the requirements for phones

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With the increase in technology, photography enthusiasts are looking for advanced camera features to get the best results. Therefore, Google focused on meeting the needs of this category of users, as the new operating system Android 13 (Android 13) provides a variety of amazing elements of the user interface along with security features. One of the features of the system is HDR video recording.

In this article, on our digital tv website, we will explain to you how technology works HDR Video Capture For HDR video shooting and devices that can support this feature.

What is the HDR Video Capture feature in Android 13?

The term HDR reflects high dynamic range that provides higher contrast and a strong brightness range. Compared to 4K resolution, HDR is more clear.

Google has introduced the feature of shooting HDR videos in its latest operating system (Android 13). Thus, the user will notice 10 times better video quality than the previous video recording features.

With HDR Video Capture, Google has not only enhanced the quality, but also made it easier to shoot a video with more clarity and greatness.

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How does HDR Video Capture work?

The HDR video capture feature of Android 13 uses the Camera 2 API which helps you to preview and record HDR video content using your device’s camera. Also, it raises the quality of the video content and makes it look better.

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HDR technology also offers a wider range of colors. Moreover, it amplifies the brightness range from (100 cd/m2) to (1000s of cd/m2). Thus, by using this feature, users get a video that closely matches the reality, with more prominent colors, brighter colors and darker shades. You can get a clear view of how HDR Video Capture improves video quality in the two images below.

The first image is the result of a normal video capture and the second image is the result of an HDR video capture. We can clearly see how the great feature will help in creating a great video album for the users.

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Which Android Devices Can Use HDR Video Capture?

Although it is a feature of Android 13, it is not available for all Android devices. To use this feature, your device must meet the following requirements:

  • Your device must be eligible for Android 13 (API level 33)
  • Your device’s camera must be able to take photos with a color depth of 10 bits or higher

Since not every device can meet these requirements, this is a shortcoming of this cutting-edge technology. However, HDR Video Capture will add a lot of fun to video recording for eligible devices, so try this feature out and let us know what you think about it via comments.

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