Why is the price of iPhone 14 high and maintains it? Google Pixel 7 Pro and Google Conference Summary | Specifications of Snapdragon 8 Plus

Tamsin Rodriguez15 May 2022Last Update : 1 month ago
Why is the price of iPhone 14 high and maintains it? Google Pixel 7 Pro and Google Conference Summary | Specifications of Snapdragon 8 Plus

In the Bulletin: The price of the iPhone 14 Pro is high and why does it keep it? And details of the Google Pixel 7 Pro with the summary of the Google 2022 conference, along with our report on the Snapdragon 8 first generation Plus processor.

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My number returned to the competitions.. Originally, my number did not stop the competitions and prizes until it came back.. The important thing is that we have a competition today to win three Amazon or Huawei Gallery cards, the rest of the 50 dollars for each winner..

The draw will be held on May 22 in an episode published by Tech, but the following question is required: What is the best feature that my digital team liked in an hour? Huawei GT3 pro new?

Titanium version and ceramic version. A masterpiece in the hand

– Battery life up to 2 weeks

Enhanced accurate ECG analysis and daily health management

– Over 100 workout modes and an all-new free-diving mode

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And we start the bulletin with Google’s bombs at its developers conference.. We were waiting for the disclosure of software and technical features, but the company surprised everyone by revealing its most powerful phones

They were saying that Qualcomm would reveal its next flagship processor in two months. But the news came back again to reveal a date soon.. and here is advice from my digital team

Thousands of victims annually due to gas leakage.. The danger is a time bomb in homes.. An Arab company has provided a creative solution to protect lives

A device for detecting gas leaks, heat and humidity

A report confirms that the iPhone 15 series will include a USB-C charging port, and this means that the company abandons its traditional entrance. The important thing is that you will charge the iPhone from the same Android charger

Elon Musk announces a temporary suspension of the Twitter purchase deal, and the reason is that he demanded the platform’s management to prove the number of fake accounts on the site, and the collapse of the company’s shares after this statement

And we stay with Elon Musk and Twitter, where the American billionaire announced his intention to conduct a campaign to dismiss Twitter employees immediately after the completion of the acquisition deal in order to reduce costs, and he asks: “Does Twitter really need 7500 employees?”

WhatsApp is testing the feature to filter messages according to their reading, unsaved numbers, or groups, to make it easier to reply to or delete them

WhatsApp is testing a message sorting feature

These are the first leaked images of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 and foldable phone, and it appears that the phone has become shorter in length and wider, with an area close to regular phones

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