Galaxy smart ring The new revolution in the world of technology after phones and watches

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It seems that making the best Android phones and the best smartwatches was not enough for Samsung like the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the Galaxy Watch 5, as the South Korean company is said to be planning to move to a new category, smart rings, as it prepares to announce the Galaxy smart ring with surprising elegance .

In view of reports SamMobile Samsung has apparently begun developing a smart ring designed to control other devices in addition to health and fitness tracking, as the tech giant has already applied for a patent for a ring that features heart rate and ECG monitoring, and is now working with “multiple companies.” To get the necessary ingredients to make her ring real.

Galaxy smart ring features

We only know now that Samsung has patented this smart ring, so in addition to health trackers it is clear that the Ring will also be able to control a smartphone, tablet or TV, as well as other smart home things via SmartThings.

If you’re wondering why anyone would want a smart ring instead of a smartwatch, there are two main reasons: improved health tracking accuracy, and dramatically improved battery life.

Since a smart ring generally doesn’t have a screen, or at least we’re assuming your Samsung device (Galaxy Smart Ring) doesn’t have a screen, it doesn’t use the same amount of power as a watch, that means you can wear it for longer before you need to recharge it. .

Galaxy smart ring

Samsung is not alone in the field of smart rings!

It is worth noting that Samsung is not the first tech company to make smart rings; For example, Oura belongs to the third generation of smart rings, and there are many other companies that are doing interesting things with smart rings as well, but the sheer size of Samsung and its market power are quite different, and there is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy Ring will transform much more units than any competitor.

Galaxy smart ring

We think this could be a really interesting development because the most effective health trackers are those who keep working and training constantly without having to recharge their devices.

People might not be bothered by waving their arm to control their Samsung TV, but the fact of having a health tracker running for whole weeks without having to recharge or take care of its maintenance, cleaning, etc. might be really tempting, right?

What do you think of the new revolution in the world of technology? Are you excited to wear a smart ring?

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