Galaxy Z Flip 4 has a great special feature – here’s how to activate it simply

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The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 has surprised everyone and it is the device that we consider to be the best foldable phone for most people since it was launched with its great specs and elegant design.

But another great feature that the phone offers, one that any foldable phone owner would love, is that the feature is not turned on by default when you buy the Galaxy Z Flip 4 even though it is an exclusive feature of the foldable phone.

A special feature of the Galaxy Z Flip 4

This feature is the ability to open the phone to answer a call as well as close the phone to end the call.

It’s as if we’re back in the early 2000s again, with the ability to open, talk, hang up, and even play more Snake game for hours.

Are you considering buying a Galaxy Z Flip 4 or already owning one and want to know how to operate this amazing feature? I will show you how now..

Galaxy Z Flip 4

How to operate the unlocked phone to answer calls

Well, as shown in picture below To access this feature, you first need to go to the “Connect” screen on the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

Galaxy Z Flip 4 has a great special feature - here's how to activate it simply

From there you need to click on the three dots icon in the top right corner of the screen and then click on Settings.

Once you are in the settings menu you will then need to select “Reflection Options”.

Finally, when you are in the Flip options menu toggle the “Open phone to answer calls” switch, and here you can also check or deselect the “Shutdown phone to end calls” switch for a complete experience.

What do you think of this feature? Do you want to buy a foldable phone from Samsung?

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