Samsung launches its first phone under the slogan .. Made in Egypt

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company launched Samsung In Egypt, its first locally made phones, under the slogan “Made in Egypt”, of the Galaxy A category, in its factory in Beni Suef Governorate, and in the company’s branches and two authorized agents for locally manufactured mobile phones.

According to reports, these phones can be sold provided the phone is a local product at the company’s branch offices and two authorized dealers. As the number of mobile phones in the Egyptian market increased to meet the demand for these phones, sales increased significantly.

Noting that the TV screens made in the Samsung factory in Egypt were sold at home and abroad, and the company decided to manufacture some other electronic products, including smart phones in Egypt, as the Egyptian market has a suitable environment to attract investment and the availability of Egyptian labor.

Samsung launches the first phone made in Egypt

It was also reported that Samsung used skills and a major export base in the Middle East after shifting the beliefs of the Egyptian market from consumers to products that require investment to become a manufacturing hub.

The company is also preparing, to increase the production of mobile phones based on domestic and international demand, and continues to produce the latest school TVs, monitors and tablets.

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Samsung plans to produce its phones in Beni Suef, Egypt

It is worth noting that Samsung is not the first company in Egypt to launch an Egyptian version of its phones, as the giant mobile phone company Nokia announced that it is about to launch its first phone made in Egypt, while working to expand the mobile phone industry in the Egyptian market, which buys up to to about 18 million phones annually.

Egypt already has experience in the entire mobile phone industry made by the Egyptian company “SICO”, ​​while it is working on manufacturing phones produced by Vivo, which announced the opening of a factory in Egypt during the last period.

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