One UI 5 interface: How to activate the maintenance mode on Samsung phones with easy steps

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Samsung added a lot of new features to its smartphones with the update to Android 13 and the One UI 5 interface, and today, the company issued a press release dedicated to one of these features that relate to privacy and security, which is the Repair Mode.

Maintenance Mode is a new feature that was discovered in One UI 5 during the beta phase of the Galaxy S22 series, and as it is very important to all users, we will tell you how to enable it on your Samsung phone with the easiest steps.

How maintenance mode works in One UI 5

Maintenance mode is only available on Android 13, and the idea behind it is very simple. Since the company only provides the option to create multiple user accounts on tablets, it has introduced maintenance mode to allow users to keep their data safe when they send their phones to repair centers or allow someone else to use them.

When the feature is enabled, maintenance mode creates a separate user account that allows access to essential device features, such as pre-installed apps, while maintaining access to photos, videos, and other sensitive data. It also disables the use of third-party apps, and Samsung apps downloaded through . are deleted Galaxy Store and any data or accounts created in maintenance mode once the mode is turned off.

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How to turn on and off the maintenance mode feature

One UI 5 interface: How to activate the maintenance mode on Samsung phones with easy steps

And it is very easy to turn on maintenance mode, once your Samsung phone is running Android 13 and One UI 5 interface, you will be able to find the feature by following these steps:

1- Go to settings.

2- Go to the battery and device care section of the phone.

3- Clicking the power button will restart your phone in maintenance mode.

4- This will automatically create a system log that helps employees in maintenance centers diagnose any issues, although you also get the option not to create a log if you choose.

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One UI 5 interface: How to activate maintenance mode on Samsung phones with easy steps

To turn off maintenance mode, follow these steps:

1- Pull down the notification panel and tap the mode notification to restart the phone and resume normal operation.

Exiting maintenance mode requires fingerprint or other authentication, so you can rest assured that no one will be able to access your private information even when the phone is restarted.

It is worth noting that maintenance mode will be available on all Samsung devices that will be running or already running Android 13 and One UI 5. Samsung has already released the update to millions of Galaxy S22 series users, and in the coming months until 2023, the feature will arrive on other eligible Samsung phones. To update Android 13.

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