Galaxy S23 Ultra to have better telephoto camera image quality

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It has become somewhat clear now that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will mostly retain the same zoom cameras as its predecessor – a 3x and 10x periscope. So we expected mostly similar picture quality but according to popular tipsters Ice universethe Galaxy S23 Ultra will take much better telephoto shots.

Citing improvements in color and “some AI algorithms,” he believes Samsung has made progress in image quality. Earlier, he made similar claims about the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s new 200MP wide-angle camera.

Sensor size and readout speed are major contributors to image quality, but computer photography is where the biggest gains have been made in recent years.

Outside of the new 200MP main camera, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will rely on the same, on paper, ultrawide, 3x and 10x zoom cameras as the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which itself had virtually identical hardware to the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

It’s a winning formula that gives users multiple zoom levels and covers the wide and ultra-wide with autofocus sensors.


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