Apple faces a lawsuit over the AirPods headphones after an incident that may terrify users!

Tamsin Rodriguez19 May 2022Last Update : 1 month ago
Apple faces a lawsuit over the AirPods headphones after an incident that may terrify users!

Apple’s AirPods caused a legal crisis for the company, after a medical report issued an incident confirming that the eardrums of a 12-year-old boy had been severely damaged by those headphones (particularly what is known as the eardrum and cochlea).

It happened in 2020 when a loud Amber alert was issued, and the damages occurred to a child, according to a lawsuit against Apple in California (via Law360).

The child, identified as BG in the recording, was watching a Netflix movie on his iPhone in 2020 while wearing AirPods Pro, AirPods Pro are allegedly set to low volume, but Amber alerts Without warning, the loud noise damaged the boy’s eardrum.

AirPods sued

indicate suit The “Amber Alert” in the AirPods ruptured the boy’s eardrum (BG), damaged his cochlea, and caused damage to his hearing. The boy has since suffered from bouts of dizziness, lightheadedness, tinnitus and nausea, and there is permanent hearing loss in his right ear. , which requires him to wear a medical headset since the incident until this moment.

Apple has found itself accused of producing “flawed” AirPods that don’t automatically reduce the size of alerts or equal the size of notifications and alerts. The lawsuit asserts that Apple failed to include warnings about the potential problem, with claims that the company was aware of the alleged design flaws.

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The lawsuit stated:

“As a direct and proximate result of all defendants’ negligence in the design, manufacture and marketing of defective AirPods, .BG has suffered significant temporary, permanent, and persistent injuries, pain, suffering, disability, and impairment. He has also suffered from mental pain, trauma, physical harm, injury, disability and weakness in the past, and will continue to do so in the future. Sadly the boy has lost his ability to lead a normal life, and will continue to lead a diminished life in the future, including his diminished ability to earn. The boy has all the medical bills, past and future, related to emerging care related injuries from defective AirPods.”

And she adds:

“We are seeking financial compensation for the .BG boy and his parents as well, who are suffering from serious psychological distress due to the AirPods incident, and to seek punitive damages in amounts that allow the accused to be punished for their behavior and that will deter other technology companies from engaging in such reckless and reckless behavior in the future.” .

AirPods Ruptured Child's Eardrums Due to Amber Alert, Apple Faces Lawsuit

There have been other complaints on social media about Amber Alerts noise when wearing the AirPods. Amber Alerts is designed to grab the attention of iPhone owners, causing the devices to play loudly and vibrate. Online reports indicate that the Amber Alert’s volume is really loud when played through the AirPods, even when the AirPods are set to a reasonable volume.

Amber Alerts can be turned off in the Settings app by opening the Notifications section, scrolling down and tapping the toggle to deactivate the alert. There are also options to turn off emergency alerts and public safety alerts, although it’s worth noting that alerts can’t be disabled in all countries.

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