Official MetaQuest Pro Sunglasses. From fantasy to reality $1,500 Meta Quest Pro

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After a series of suspense, news and statements made by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg about revolutionary glasses that they were after working on, they came under the name of the Cambaria project, now the project has been unveiled, let’s say hello to Meta Quest Pro and we learn about its most important features and advantages…

came Quest Pro with a completely different and updated design from the previous Quest glasses, Meta worked to reduce the thickness of the glasses and make its design more balanced to make the user feel more comfortable while wearing them and focus on virtual reality content, at the same time it is designed to leave part of your vision able to perceive the external medium and pay attention to any obstruction Or a body surrounding you, and separate light sources have been included inside the box for a more immersive experience … A curved battery has been inserted to match the shape of the glasses, and the two Fresnel lenses have been replaced with Pancake type lenses, a shape and type of lens that gives more comfort during the experiment while reducing the depth of the glasses By 40% without compromising image clarity and quality, the new Pro glasses also improved image sharpness by 25% when staring at the center and 50% in landscape modes.

META used in the glasses new LCD screens with quantum dot technology for more depth in colors and more vividness in displaying degrees. The screen also supports the Local Dimming feature to automatically control 500 LED lights built into the glasses individually independent of the rest of the lights. This technology helps provide 75% more screen contrast… And to make the screen suitable for all usage patterns, it has increased the number of pixels per inch by 37%, and by 10% in the number of pixels displayed from every angle, all of this makes the glasses suitable for various uses from reading text to experience intense gaming Open-ended and exploratory.

Meta avoided only focusing on virtual reality, and used features to also take advantage of augmented reality, or what is known as AR, to combine the external and virtual media more smoothly and quickly in moving between them. Quest Pro owns 10 cameras distributed between the internal to monitor the user’s movements and the external one to monitor the external environment, each lens with four times the accuracy of the previous Quest 2 from Meta, and unlike what was mentioned in that generation of monochromatic lenses, the Pro lenses come in color, which allows the passage of colors and scanning More accurate to what’s hovering around you, the cameras can also monitor user’s eye movement and real-time facial expressions to align with the movement of your virtual character or avatar in the virtual world, protecting user privacy Internal cameras are disabled by default, with no tracking data sent to any third party.

In terms of hardware, Quest Pro works with the first generation of the newly released Snapdragon XR2+ processor, the first virtual reality glasses to work with this processor, and according to what Meta indicated, the performance will improve by 50% compared to the XR2 in Quest 2, in addition to a 30% improvement in dealing with the degree of hardware. Heat and maintain a lower degree… The glasses came with a 12 GB RAM option with 256 GB storage.

Inside the box comes new control units integrated with internal sensors to monitor movement and provide a better experience in use, also the design has been improved to be comfortable in use with better tactile feedback and responses than the previous generation.

The glasses case will include a 45W charger with a USB C adapter capable of charging both the glasses and the controllers.

The Quest Pro will be available for sale on October 25 at a price of $1,500, four times the price of the Quest 2, which may be expected given the big upgrades and important updates in this generation.

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