Apple finds a new mini-LED supplier for the MacBook 14 and 16 to help with the H2 launch

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A few weeks ago DigiTimes reported that Apple’s plans to introduce MacBook Pro laptops with mini-LED screens will be hampered by limited supply. In fact, Cupertino is struggling to keep even the first and so far only mini-LED product in stock – orders for the iPad Pro 12.9 (2021) in the US have estimated delivery times around mid to late July.

Now the publication brings a place of good news – Osram Opto Semiconductors has reportedly signed up for a mini-LED supplier that will help with the push to release the new MacBook Pros in the second half of 2021.

These are expected in 14 ”and 16” sizes. Unconfirmed reports claim that they will scrape the Touch Bar and introduce the MagSafe connector (or possibly a new connector, see how “MagSafe” is now the name of iPhone’s magnetically connected chargers).

The outgoing MacBook Pro 16 “with an Intel chip

ONE report by Bloomberg from last month indicates that Pro laptops come with 8 high-performance CPU cores, up from 4 on the Apple M1 and 16 or 32 GPU cores, up from 8. This is presumably the Apple M2 (or M1X) chipset that came into mass production in late April. Apple has even more chip designs for the Mac Pro desktop and the slimmer MacBook Air.

The World Wide Developers Conference starts on June 7 (Monday), possibly giving the official unveiling of the two MacBook Pro models. Whether Mac Pro and MacBook Air also look like this is unclear.

If you need a refresh on the mini-LED, Apple wrote about the benefits of the new technology (with brightness and contrast as a big part of it). Mini-LED may not last forever, there are already rumors that the 2022 MacBook Pro 16 will come with an OLED screen next year (we also hear similar things about iPads).

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