OPPO 240W SuperVOOC charger will officially arrive on this date

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Popular leaker Digital Chat Station recently revealed that OPPO will introduce a 240W SuperVOOC charger in the first quarter of next year, which will be its highest charging power fast charging technology to date.

Advantages of OPPO 240W SuperVOOC charger

According to sourceWith OPPO’s 240W “SuperVOOC” charger, a phone with a battery capacity of 4500 mAh can be charged to 100% in 9 minutes. The Redmi Note12 Pro+ features a 4300mAh battery that supports 210W charging, and can be charged to 100% in 9 minutes.

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In terms of safety, OPPO has customized the USB-C connector with a lower impedance to further reduce contact resistance and allow higher current transmission for higher power. An E-Marker encryption chip is also set inside the device, and the encryption algorithm eliminates security risks such as compromised firmware.

OPPO 240W SuperVOOC charger will officially arrive on this date

Expectations indicate that the new 240W SuperVOOC SuperVOOC charger technology will appear for the first time in one of the OnePlus versions scheduled to be officially launched next year, as the technology is expected to support charging the battery from zero to 100% within 10 minutes or less.

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OPPO 240W charger

It is possible that the OPPO company will review the new technology during the MWC 2023 exhibition, so we are waiting for more details about the upcoming fast charging technology, and we will certainly bring you all new on our digital tv website.

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