Walmart buys 740,000 Samsung Galaxy XCover Pros for use in its stores in the US

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With a stroke of a pen, the Galaxy XCover Pro becomes a success for Samsung – the company has reached an agreement with the retail giant Walmart to sell 740,000 devices to be used by Walmart-affiliated companies. This is Samsung’s largest mobile business deal in the United States ever.

Walmart Global Tech, an in-house software development team, worked on an app that helps employees simplify their daily tasks and help customers. Features include mobile clock and control plans. Then Walmart approached Samsung for the hardware side of things, and XCover Pro was chosen for the job.

It will replace two devices that Walmart employees may carry around during the workday – a walkie-talkie and a barcode scanner. The former is replaced by a simple push-to-talk function using the phone’s programmable key.

For the latter, Samsung optimized its camera-based barcode scanning technology, which can be used to simplify inventory management. It is also not easy to implement and manage hundreds of thousands of devices, this is where Samsung Knox Suite comes in. It allows administrators to update the firmware, run the device and Wi-Fi network analysis, and customize the software as needed.

This deal was born in the spring of 2020, when Walmart approached Samsung with what companies call the “Connected Associate” initiative. Its main goal was to help employees handle the extra work needed to create a safe shopping environment in the midst of a pandemic.

The 740,000 Samsung XCover pros will reach Walmart employees over the next few months. In addition to being work tools, Walmart also allows its employees to use XCovers as personal phones. Knox will be used to create separate work and personal profiles so that company data remains secure while private data remains private.


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