Samsung mocks Apple .. A professional lens from Xiaomi .. Goodbye Exynos processor .. Tech Bulletin

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In today’s Tech Bulletin, we present to you the most important technical topics related to the world of phones, processors and manufacturers, such as the amazing professional lens from Xiaomi, and the superiority of the Qualcomm processor over Exynos leads to Samsung’s surrender, and we will start from the story of Samsung’s usual mockery of Apple!.

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Samsung makes fun of Apple

Samsung continues its long path of mocking Apple and this time targeting the iPhone 14, although the most important goal of the mockery is the marketing of the Samsung product.

In an ad called “On the Fence,” a young man climbs over the wall, leaving behind a place that mimics (and looks like) an Apple Store in terms of decor, desks, trees, and appliances behind.

Then a guy and a girl come asking him for an explanation of what he’s doing? He replies to them by saying that he climbed the wall to see a foldable phone from Samsung on the other side, as if to say that Samsung is in another place while Apple is behind, and then says: They have foldable phones and a great camera.

Here, a girl joins the conversation and asks: Hey, did you say a foldable phone?!
Then the young man standing at Apple’s side says in a confused manner, “Hey don’t leave, we’re waiting, that’s what we do, we wait.”

As if Samsung is playing on a chord, accusing Apple of delaying the launch of new technologies such as foldable phones, and playing with the minds of Apple fans and fans that they are waiting for a long time to see a foldable phone from their American company.

Then the ad ends with the words Galaxy awaits you!! (see advertisement below)

The strange thing is, that Apple usually does not respond to these sarcastic ads, because it knows that Samsung does not want to target Apple exclusively, but rather the Korean company wants to market its products, and this type of ads receives great interaction, and spreads on the Internet because it is based on irony and competition, This is one of the marketing methods that attract followers and multiply views, and push the media and Internet sites to allocate space around this advertisement, and the evidence is that you are watching it now on my two TV numbers.

Xiaomi presents a phone with an amazing professional lens

Xiaomi launched a phone that is a trial version of the Xiaomi 12S Ultra in cooperation with Leica, the giant company in the production of camera lenses, and this version bears the name xiaomi 12s ultra Concept Phone And we understand from the name that it is an imaginary idea of ​​the future of phones.

The company put in the phone a rear camera in the middle that can be demounted and installed, and it allows adding more professional lenses from Leica, in what can be considered a qualitative leap in the world of smart phones, and narrowing the distances between traditional phones and professional cameras.

The new sensor came with a size of 1 inch, and thus we see a primary lens with a glass for the sensor as well as the additional lens, although this gives the camera a higher safety rate against breakage and dust, but there is a question about the impact of this on the amount of light absorption.

However, we have not yet seen the results of the imaging of this lens in order to definitively judge its accuracy, quality and effectiveness.

And the imaging lenses for the experimental Xiaomi phone will provide some professional advantages, such as the ability to access real and more realistic depth, instead of relying on just background blurring by a software imaging system, which is the method used by most phones, which is a useful feature especially for content makers looking for realistic isolation. between the body and the background.

Xiaomi confirmed that the new version of its phone will rely on an intelligent AI Image Solution system for image processing, with the ability to shoot in 10-Bit RAW mode.

It is expected to correspond used lenses With the camera application installed on the phone, as well as the possibility to take advantage of software features such as focus. The company does not plan to put its beta version for sale.

In conclusion to this topic, it is worth noting that the idea is not new, as it has been fought over Motorola Corporation He took this experience in collaboration with camera manufacturer Hasselblad by developing an accessory for the Moto Z phone, giving him a professional photographic lens.

Goodbye Exynos processor

A year ago, a technical study was published saying that there is a clear difference in energy efficiency performance between the Qualcomm and Exynos processors in the Galaxy S22 family. to the United States of America for reasons of rights.

The study stated that Qualcomm’s processors in the Galaxy S22 version provide better performance in terms of battery efficiency and power consumption, and this prompted Samsung to plan to launch a new era of processor manufacturing to compete with Qualcomm with a higher capacity.

But the leaks returned this time to confirm that Samsung is on its way to dispense with Exynos processors in the upcoming Galaxy S23 family of phones, despite the company’s attempts to deny this news previously.

This came through official hints from Qualcomm, Qualcomm’s CFO predicts a strong second half of the next fiscal year in March Which is the period simultaneous with the launch of the S23 series, and he confirmed that the company got a larger share of the S22 phones.

While Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon confirmed that the long-term partnership with Samsung will bring Snapdragon chipsets to all premium Galaxy phones globally.

Samsung mocks Apple .. A professional lens from Xiaomi .. Goodbye Exynos processor .. Tech Bulletin

But internally, there is inconsistency in this information, as a report from Samsung indicated that Exynos processors were not excluded from the Galaxy S23 phones, which are expected to be launched early next year, specifically in the first week of February 2023, despite the disappointment in the performance of the processor compared to Qualcomm Snap processors. Dragon.

The expected Xiaomi 13 leaks are hotter than embers

It is expected at the end of the year that Xiaomi will announce its new expected phone, Xiaomi 13, in two versions, regular and Pro, and we may see that in the month of November.

And in the latest leaks, a tech blogger posted Realistic phone picture Which appeared from the back with a three-camera design. (See image below).

Samsung mocks Apple .. A professional lens from Xiaomi .. Goodbye Exynos processor .. Tech Bulletin

The leaks stated that the primary camera is 1 inch with a 50-megapixel Sony IMX 989 sensor, which is the same camera as the Xiaomi 12S Ultra (which is a leap in the company’s phones in terms of imaging and sensor), in addition to a camera with a very wide viewing angle lens and a telephoto lens.

And we may see a 32-megapixel front camera, which will be supported by a chip dedicated to improving image processing in cooperation with the famous German company Leica in the world of photography.

It is expected that the Xiaomi 13 Pro version will be updated and more quality than the previous version, but with a tangible difference in the design of the camera.

Through the leaked images, we see the new design will come with a camera with a frame at the top left of the phone, unlike what was the Xiaomi 12S Ultra version with a huge camera in the middle.

The screen is expected to come from a 6.7-inch Amoled type with a resolution of QHD at a frequency of 120 Hz, which is the same quality used by the company in its phones. And a narrower frame than the previous version.

In a tweet on Twitter, the famous analyst revealed Yogesh Brar About some specifications of the device, where he mentioned that the processor will be from the second generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 8, which is the latest and fastest so far, and it will be the first phone to get that dual chip of these modern processors.

The battery is expected to come with a large capacity of 4800 mAh, with support for fast charging with a power of 120 watts (that is, with a capacity and charging higher than the 12 Pro version).

The storage memory will come with a capacity of 512 GB with a large random access memory (RAM) with a capacity of 12 GB, and the phone will also come with the MIUI 14 interface with the latest operating system Android 13, which may appear on the same day as the announcement of the phone, which we expect to come in four colors black, white, green and pink .

What do you think of Samsung’s mockery of Apple? Did you like the professional xiaomi camera? Do you prefer Exynos processor? What do you think of the phone Xiaomi 13?

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