Samsung mocks Apple in a promotional video… The latter has not responded yet… So the response came from a Chinese citizen!

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Samsung continues its long path of mocking Apple, this time targeting the iPhone 14, although the most important goal of the mockery is the marketing of the South Korean giant’s product.

Digital opinion about Samsung’s mockery of Apple

Here are the details and announcement.

Samsung makes fun of Apple

In an ad called “On the Fence,” a young man climbs over the wall, leaving behind a place that mimics (and looks like) an Apple Store in terms of decor, desks, trees, and appliances behind.

Then a guy and a girl come asking him for an explanation of what he’s doing? He replies to them by saying that he climbed the wall to see a foldable phone from Samsung on the other side, as if to say that Samsung is in another place while Apple is behind, and then says: They have foldable phones and a great camera.

Here, a girl joins the conversation and asks: Hey, did you say a foldable phone?!
Then the young man standing at Apple’s side says in a confused manner, “Hey don’t leave, we’re waiting, that’s what we do, we wait.”

As if Samsung is playing on a chord, accusing Apple of delaying the launch of new technologies such as foldable phones, and playing with the minds of Apple fans and fans that they are waiting for a long time to see a foldable phone from their American company.

Then the ad ends with the words Galaxy awaits you!! (see advertisement below)

The strange thing is, that Apple usually does not respond to these sarcastic ads, because it knows that Samsung does not want to target Apple exclusively, but rather the Korean company wants to market its products, and this type of ads receives great interaction, and spreads on the Internet because it is based on irony and competition, This is one of the marketing methods that attract followers and multiply views, and push the media and Internet sites to allocate space around this advertisement, and the evidence is that you are watching it now on my two TV numbers.

The response came from a Chinese citizen!

A Chinese citizen has reacted very strangely by publishing a video that proves to everyone that he was able to turn an iPhone into a foldable phone!

Yes, this is real and not a figment of the imagination, and this matter echoed through all the technical sites that published the clip and pictures of this Chinese citizen who developed a prototype of a foldable iPhone that works with full efficiency for all functions in the device.

foldable phone

presents the video Various parts of other foldable smartphones that also feature a clamshell design, such as the Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola’s Moto Razr, according to its design philosophy, the Chinese tech expert split the internal components of the iPhone into two halves and fastened them together.

The bottom half houses the main motherboard with the processor and memory, while the top half houses the battery and camera sensors on the back and front.

The end result shows a truly foldable iPhone, which is fully functional and has a foldable screen as the camera and other basic functions work normally.

foldable phone

The Chinese tech specialist has shown a mock promotional video of this device, which shows that it features 5G connectivity and is powered by the A16 Bionic chipset.

Here’s the video:

The front has a 12-megapixel selfie camera, while the screen of the device is a Super Retina XDR panel that can be folded, it also offers a Pro series camera and features Ceramic Shield technology, in addition to improving battery life.

Now what do you think of Samsung’s mockery of Apple? Do you support Scott Apple? Did you like the reaction of the Chinese citizen?

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