Samsung smart watches allow taking a screenshot in a very easy way.. Here’s how to access and use it

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If you’ve ever used a phone, you probably took a screenshot on it, either to save a screenshot of yourself or to send to your friends and family. But something some people don’t realize is that you can also take screenshots on the Samsung Watch 4 and 5.

Samsung smart watches provide a feature related to taking a picture of the screen .. Here is how to access and use it

For those who switched from one of Samsung’s Tizen-powered Gear watches to a Galaxy Watch running Wear OS like the Samsung Watch 4 or the Samsung Watch 5, the way screenshots are taken has changed. You no longer have to scroll anything while pressing and holding the power button.

And you can just press the Home and Back buttons at the same time to take screenshots on the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy watches that come after you launch Wear OS.

Yes, the operation is that simple, and it is more convenient, especially when the watch is on your wrist. Since Samsung watches come in a circular design, the screenshots conform to that design and are saved as circular images.

Screenshot on Samsung watches

You can also send these screenshots to the connected phone easily. Simply open the Gallery app in the watch, long press on the screenshot you want and select either one screenshot or multiple screenshots, then tap on the icon that shows an arrow pointing to the right with the phone icon directly behind it.

Sending the screenshot to the phone is also easy Pressing the “Send to Phone” button will transfer the screenshot to your Galaxy Watch 4 or Galaxy Watch 5, again, this should also work on any new Samsung smartwatches powered by Google Wear OS.

Smartwatch screenshots are stored in the Watch folder in the Gallery app on the phone.

Can’t find the watch folder on your phone?

Just open the Recent folder in your phone gallery or swipe up to the Photos tab and your watch screenshots should be there waiting for you however you want to use them.

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