Windows 11 Update – Windows 11 brings 6 important and wonderful features for users

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Microsoft has released an update for Windows 11 to users with a bunch of very exciting new features. The new Search button and Task Manager filter section are some of the most important features of update 22621.891 and 22623.891.

Windows Insiders may have received one of the two new versions. Both contain menu functions, with the difference that in the first version the new features are actively launched and in the second version they are present, but are disabled by default.

Redmond Giant explained, any user who was receiving an earlier version will need to check if an update is available on Windows Update to access all updates. Insiders who were previously at Build 22622 will be automatically moved to Build 22623 via an enable package.

Windows 11 update brings amazing features

Windows 11
  1. New task manager

The task manager has acquired a search bar at the top of the screen. There you can search for the name of the desired process or program to visualize it more easily.

According to Microsoft, tweaking the Task Manager has been one of the most important requests from users because it makes it easier to find processes. The feature allows you to highlight specific categories to finish tasks or just monitor the performance of running applications or services.

Users with access to the feature can improve filtering by including keywords. The search algorithm will present all possible matches and apply them to all tabs of the tool. You can even use the keyboard shortcut ALT + F to quickly access the search box.

The task manager, too, has received support for choosing themes in the settings tab. This means that you can use a system-wide lighting theme and choose only the dark color in the utility. And the optimization extends to almost all dialogs in the app, except for “Run new task” and “Properties”.

  1. Activate efficiency mode

Efficiency Mode allows you to optimize computer processes to reduce processor, RAM, disk, and Internet usage. Knowing that it was previously, it is necessary to activate it manually and redo the process every time you start the device. And there will now be a “Don’t ask me again” option to make it easier to turn the feature on or off permanently.

  1. Remove the search button from the taskbar

One of the novelties that may arrive in a future Windows update is a change to the search button, which was originally placed next to the Start menu. On some system builds, this icon has been replaced by a search bar.

Nothing has changed in terms of functionality, since it is still necessary to click on the button to open the search menu. However, the new look makes it clear what the new option is all about.

The new icon is three times larger than the other icon, and it occupies more prominent space on the taskbar. When clicked, the button changes to blue and an animation is applied to the magnifying glass.

Important new features in Windows 11 Update

Windows 11
Windows 11
  1. Windows settings copy

The developers have released a function for the user to back up the applicable settings in their Microsoft account. You can sync these settings across any Windows device and in Microsoft Office.

  1. Find emojis in oriental languages

Another Windows 11 change is the improved search for emojis for Japanese and Simplified Chinese. Where the main difficulty in associating images with characters is the processing of Kana/Kanji and Pinyin, making the correct association with the letters of the Latin alphabet.

  1. Bug fixes

Microsoft fixed an issue that caused the Do Not Disturb icon to disappear when the mode was activated. This prevented the user from returning to the initial state whenever he wanted.

Also, several “explorer.exe” process crashes that affected the performance of the taskbar have been fixed. And anyone who’s been using Windows 11 since the beginning must have noticed that some icons simply crash and the only way to get them back is to restart Explorer.

Windows 11
Windows 11

There is another tweak as well, the error that prevented enough files from being found by File Explorer. And search sometimes fails to return the desired result, even though the folder or file is in its place.

The company also fixed an issue that affected printing in landscape mode in Microsoft Edge. And the print output was incorrect and it happened when people were using Microsoft Defender Application Guard, probably due to some conflict.

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