The worst phones in 2022 in terms of maintenance

alex mathos26 May 2022Last Update : 1 month ago
The worst phones in 2022 in terms of maintenance

If you may hate maintaining phones or think that you are unlucky with the health of the device and a lot of breakage, fall or ruin.. Here is the list of the worst phones in 2022 and the most difficult in terms of maintenance.

The worst phones in 2022 in terms of maintenance

iFixit, a famous phone repair and dismantling team, has reviewed the list of the most difficult phones to maintain and repair.

And the first-generation Galaxy Fold phone, which was released in 2019, got two points out of ten, and the team says that the joints are subject to corrosion over time due to repeated folding, causing stress on the joints and the screen, and this requires final replacement, expensive screen repair, and it is possible to replace the battery , but it is a difficult process.

The same level of difficulty came with the first generation Galaxy Flip phone, which also suffers from similar problems.

As for the Galaxy S10, it is undoubtedly great, but it was rated by only three points, and the reason is that it is difficult to replace the battery, and the curved screen increases the risk of breakage and is difficult to repair.

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G, Galaxy S20 Ultra, and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, had similar problems.

Of the medium phones attended the Galaxy a51 version of 2020.. The reason is the difficulty of maintaining the screen due to a lot of disassembly and resistance to strong adhesives.

From Huawei, the P20 Pro phone .. and got only four points out of ten, and the reason is the risks of breaking the front and back glass and the difficulty of repairing it, and

Screen replacement requires at least two layers of adhesive and some disassembly.

The same problems we see with the Mate 40 Pro phone.

As for the iPhone, it is surprising that it is less difficult than others despite some complications, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11, and SE 2020, the front and back glass doubles the possibility of damage from a fall – and if the back glass breaks, you will remove every component and replace the entire structure.

But the maintenance of the battery and the screen is less difficult.

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