Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has called Apple’s App Store, which has helped app makers earn more than $260 billion since its launch, a “disservice to developers” forcing them to treat their applications as “below average”.

Sweeney made the comments in an exclusive interview with the FinancialTimes, where he repeated ‌Epic Games‌’ previous talking points about Apple and how it is “anti-competitive” and “monopolistic”. Sweeney said Apple “won fairly” by persuading customers to buy its hardware products, but says it’s unfair to force customers to use ‌App Store‌.

The problem here is a classic monopoly tie. You start with the hardware. Apple makes smartphones and profits from their smartphones – and they deserve it. But then they force all of their smartphone buyers to use their app store exclusively to get digital content. They prevent all other app stores from competing with them on hardware owned by a billion end users. It’s the first tie and it completely hampers all competitive and market forces that would shape better app stores and better deals for consumers.

According to Sweeney, Apple is using its fair advantage in hardware to “gain an unfair advantage over competitors and other markets. And that breaks all the competitive dynamics that have kept the tech industry healthy in the past.”

Sweeney criticized the ‌App Store‌ as a platform itself, saying that despite Apple’s attempt to market it as a service, it is actually a “disservice to developers”. “The App Store is not a service. The App Store does a disservice to developers. The App Store forces developers to treat their software poorly to give customers a poor experience to charge fees processing and non-competitive processing to inflate the price of digital goods,” said the CEO of ‌Epic Games‌.

Apple said ‌App Store‌ since its launch has helped developers earn more than $260 billion and fostered an iOS app economy that has created more than 2.2 million jobs in the United States alone.

‌Epic Games‌‌ was embroiled in a massive lawsuit against Apple, regarding ‌‌App Store‌‌, which began in 2020 and is now entering its second year. The costume and its story may be confusing to some, but we’ve got all the details in our guide.

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