Finally a foldable iPhone… a quantum leap for Apple’s future!

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How long do we have to wait until we see a foldable iPhone similar to the Galaxy Z Flip series? It is a question that constantly comes to mind and thousands of followers await its answer, so has Apple decided to respond and respond? Let’s follow this article and the video at the end to know all the details..

A foldable iPhone..the dream comes true!

A week after Samsung’s sarcastic advertisement against Apple, in which the Korean company accused its American competitor of being late in the world of foldable phones, new leaks appear to us saying that Apple is working on a foldable iPhone.

This time the leaks came through reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo to say that the foldable phone is expected to be released in 2023 or 2024, with other expectations that it will not arrive before 2025.

Regardless of the launch date of the phone, analyst “Chi Kuo” says that Apple is monitoring foldable phones from other companies, which users have complained of some problems, such as price, durability and quality.

And it seems that Apple will not speak out loud about the iPhone foldable until it becomes almost perfect, and here we recall what was stated by the company’s president, Tim Cook, when he said: “We do not care to be the first to use technology, but rather the most important thing is to be the best.”

Foldable iPhone

Technology Aesthetics, based in China, has been able to issue A foldable iPhone And she named it IPHONE V.

The company says that it used the screen and internal parts of the phone to manufacture it iPhone X As the cover glass and touch layers were removed leaving the flexible OLED, the process was not simple and required precise maneuvering and sophisticated machinery.

The external structure used from the phone version Motorola Razr 2019 And using a custom motherboard with 3D printed components.

Foldable iPhone

The company says that the phone carries 1000 mAh battery Ampere, which does not support fast charging, and the iOS system has been modified to better fit the foldable screen.

The device supports screen division for applications, and both sides of the screen can be used to fold the phone, which has only one speaker and does not support water and dust resistance and any kind of realistic durability, and perhaps for the first time we see an iPhone that is not manufactured by Apple!

Do you think that Apple is really determined to launch a foldable iPhone? Do you like folded phones? What type of foldable phone have you tried?

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