How do you know an original or fake Xiaomi phone in an official way from the company? Is it a Chinese version or a global version?

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Mi Store has greatly facilitated the fact of getting a Xiaomi phone. However, the truth is that many of us continue to resort to the offers provided by many stores and other sites, most notably “AliExpress” and other platforms, without confirming whether the Xiaomi phone is original or fake.

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This high demand from users is due to sites and platforms such as “AliExpress” due to the great offers that are sure to save a lot of money, but at the same time, this may expose you to obtaining a non-original phone, especially if you are buying from an unknown site or platform.

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In addition, we also risk selling your Xiaomi, Redmi or Poco V phone Its Chinese version is therefore not fully compatible with the mobile coverage networks in our country.

That is why in the lines below we are going to explain how to know if your Xiaomi phone is original or fake. In addition, we can also make sure that it is a global version and not a Chinese version that they have installed the global ROM on.

How do you know if Xiaomi phones are original or fake?

Checking whether our Xiaomi mobile phone is original or fake is very simple. To do this, Xiaomi has an online tool with which we can check it, just by entering the IMEI or serial number.

We can get the “IMEI” number by entering or dialing the code *# 06# in the phone app. Another way is to go to Settings > About phone > All specifications > Status.

Once you have it, it will be sufficient to enter the IMEI, regardless of whether it is SIM1 or SIM2, on the phone Xiaomi website on the web. In this way we can check if it is an original phone and if it also has the MIUI Global ROM.

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It should be noted that we can also perform the same check using the S/W or serial number of our phone. This is located in the box itself, usually next to the barcode for that.

What do you think of this feature offered by Xiaomi?

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