Samsung Galaxy S22 won’t be getting an under-display selfie camera

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The Galaxy S22 series is rumored to offer a number of camera enhancements compared to its predecessors, and selfie cameras under display were expected to be one of them. According to the latest rumor coming straight from South Korea, Samsung is still skipping the under-display camera on the Galaxy S22.

Internal sources cite quality and yield issues that prevent Samsung from using the technology on its Galaxy S22 models. In addition, a mosaic pattern of the OLED panel is displayed in certain situations, which was also the case for the ZTE Axon 20 5G, which we reviewed last year.

In the end, Samsung has decided to implement under-display camera on its 2022 Galaxy Note models and Z Fold3 this year, as the latter has the option to use its rear cameras to take selfies, so the inferior quality under the camera will not be such a big issue and will still allow Samsung to provide an uninterrupted display.

Source (in Korean)

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