iPhone 14 Pro release date, will it be delayed and shock Apple fans 

Tamsin Rodriguez27 May 2022Last Update : 4 weeks ago
iPhone 14 Pro release date, will it be delayed and shock Apple fans 

This is the largest container and cargo port in the world.. The port of Shanghai in China.. Almost nothing comes out to the world except that this port has its imprint on it.. But hey.. It is closed due to the pandemic that hit the state and spread the disease, and as a result, will the launch of the iPhone 14 series be postponed?

Is the iPhone 14 launch postponed?

This closure will have a significant impact on prices and trade movement around the world due to the suspension of work, which affects the weakness of global trade exchange.. Economists believe that the impact of prices will appear in the coming period, especially since the closure coincides with the Russian-Ukrainian war.

This is where the potential for iPhone 14 to suffer from production delays and stock shortages increases, and it could also affect iPhone 13 availability.

The outbreak is very worrying news for Apple, and the restricted Chinese city of Zhengzhou is home to the world’s largest iPhone production plant.

And Apple’s presence in the area is so important that it’s dubbed iPhone City. The Chinese government has just placed the city in a one-week quarantine following the discovery of 14 cases.

This news comes after Apple’s intention to take steps to prevent a shortage of iPhone 14, by asking the major hardware manufacturer Foxconn to hire more workers to assemble the iPhone to produce the largest number in a short time.

But there is news that this closure has forced Foxconn workers to stay in their factory accommodation, and therefore Apple hopes that this will speed up iPhone production.

However, this development could have a significant impact on both the current supply of iPhone 13 and 14 later this year.. But all in all, there is no good news for China to bring to Apple.

This crisis brought to the fore a strategic question.. How long will Apple rely on China as a collection center for its phones?! …especially that countries such as India and Vietnam have begun to absorb production processes.

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