Xiaomi’s interface provides a powerful Wi-Fi option.. Don’t neglect it

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With the advent of smartphones and tablets, having good Wi-Fi coverage in our home has become one of the main priorities so that we can browse the internet and access our favorite websites effortlessly.

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In general, we all tend to have a corner or a room where the WiFi coverage does not reach as well as we would like. In this case, using a WiFi repeater such as the Xiaomi Mi WiFi Range Extender AC1200 is the most convenient, although not much if we just need to extend or amplify the WiFi signal temporarily.

Beyond what we can imagine, MIUI has an old option that is not available on the most interesting Android phones, and this option allows us to repeat or amplify the WiFi signal that we are connected to, thus extending the range of it.

How to turn a Xiaomi phone into a Wi-Fi repeater?

Thanks to the “Wi-Fi Repeat” option, we can improve the coverage in our home or in the place where we are. By activating this option, a phone will be shared xiaomi WiFi signal through the portable access point, as if it were a repeater. To activate this option, just follow these steps:

  1. Turn on developer options
  2. Once Developer Options is activated, just go to Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options
  3. After that, just look for the option ‘Activate Wi-Fi coverage extensionand revitalize it

In this way we can keep in touch with our Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO with a WiFi signal and at the same time share or extend it using our own name and password.

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This is an easy and economical option to improve our home Wi-Fi coverage in time.

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