Reasons why Samsung phones are the first and best choice for the user during 2023

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Samsung has greatly enhanced interest in the user interface and updates in recent years, and it is considered one of the best companies in terms of time and software quality after Google itself with Pixel phones and there are reasons to believe that the year 2023 Will be better.

Samsung will improve Android updates

Samsung has confirmed that it is not completely satisfied with the speed of updating Android 13 and the One UI 5 interface, despite the arrival of the best and updated devices such as Galaxy A53 several months ahead of schedule. But the company wants to do better than that.

The company is working with Google to strengthen links and improve the modernization of its devices. This does not mean that Samsung does not already have agreements with Google, but rather that it wants to improve it to be able to update faster and better.

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Will Samsung get close to the Google Pixel phone?

Reasons why Samsung phones are the first and best choice for the user during 2023

It is important to know that Samsung is forced to update hundreds of models and versions around the world, while Google only has 10 phones to update.

Of course, Samsung wants to take less time to update its devices, so the arrival of the Android 14 update to Samsung phones may be a few days after its official launch in 2023.

If you are one of the people who are interested in Android updates, Samsung is considered the best because it works hard to improve it and provide tangible results from this moment on. Now you may have to consider buying a Samsung phone to get the best Android support in the market.

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