How to download apps blocked in your country on Android and iOS

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Many of us face many mistakes App Store And the Google Play Store You can’t download an app you want and that’s very frustrating. Where we see the phrase “You cannot download this application in your country” or “This application is not available in your region.” But there are many ways you can download and use apps that are banned in your country which we will provide you with in this article.

Download blocked apps on iOS

Create a new Apple ID

While you may not realize it, switching the App Store location alone isn’t going to cut it. And when you continue to download the app or pay for it if it is a paid app, it will give you an error. Thus, it is better to create a new Apple ID and then start as you wish.

Blocked apps

The great thing is that it won’t take you more than a minute or two to create a new Apple ID. And in case it’s a free app, you don’t have to add your credit card details to your new Apple ID. Your new Apple account will ask for your address and country. And please be sure to provide a new address, preferably for the country you want to switch your phone location to.

Change your App Store location

Once you have created your new Apple ID, sign in to your iPhone using it and then check out the App Store. Your App Store will probably change its location on its own according to the new Apple ID. In case this does not happen, you can do it manually by going to the App Store settings. There, you will find an option to choose your country.

Blocked apps
Blocked apps

It is also possible to download a VPN for it. And there are many great free VPNs for iPhone. Just go to the App Store, type in, and browse through the options. And download the appropriate app, launch it, and set it to your desired location. It will help facilitate the process for you. Then, you can download the geo-blocked app on your phone and use it at your convenience.

Download blocked apps on Android

There are many apps that are blocked in your country and available to others, so switching your Play Store location often helps. And in case you are already out of your country, you will not have to go through the whole procedure as you will be able to switch the location directly. And if not, we will provide you with the method to download and use blocked apps on Android.

Blocked apps
Blocked apps

Clear your Google Play Store data

First you need to clear Google Play Store data, including caches. Then go to your phone settings, and tap on Applications or Application Manager. In the Apps section, scroll down and tap All Apps, which includes both built-in and downloaded apps.

After all the apps are visible, find and tap Play Store. It will give you the option to ‘force stop’ the app. Now click on it and it will take you to the next page, which will give you an option to clear data and cache. Clear it and go to the next step.

Change your phone location and IP address

All you have to do is download the VPN. And there are plenty of free VPNs available on the Play Store. Choose one and download it. Then open the VPN, and from the list of given countries, select the one you want. And it will change your phone location, which will then allow you to change your Play Store location.

Switch your PLAY STORE location

Blocked apps
Blocked apps

After turning on the VPN, go to your Google Play Store and check if it saved the new location automatically. You can tell by the unfamiliar apps and the prices of paid apps in a different currency.

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In case you don’t change the location, you can do it yourself as well. Go to Play Store Settings and tap on My Account. And you will see the “Profile and Country” option, click on it and go to the new location. Then you can download the blocked app and start using it.

Worth noting, downloading and using apps that are banned in your country is not as difficult as you might think. Just make sure you follow the above steps correctly. Additionally, there are APK files available for different apps. And if you have one of them, you can download the geo-blocked app through that as well.

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