The Google Messages application competes with WhatsApp and introduces three new and important features for users

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The default Google Messages app on Android devices is not very common. are being made Google Its best to make it the best application that can be used. The company is working on this app and it is set to bring some great new and trendy features. Google Messages has similar features to some social chatting apps. It seems that this app is struggling to attract new users.

The company recently piloted the #GetTheMessage campaign. This campaign is trying to promote a new code update as well as support RCS. Note that iMessage does not support RCS. So Google is trying to take advantage of the opportunity it sees. And the company is now trying to upgrade Google Messages with some new features.

Google Messages app offers great features

  1. Full expressive feedback

Most recently, it was reported that Google Messages is currently testing “interaction with emoji”. And this is indeed a trendy feature on WhatsApp, Slack, and other popular messaging apps. This feature will allow users to simply reply to a message with any emoji of their choice. This feature is already available in Google Messages. But there is a limitation as users can only interact with seven emojis. Now, the company is trying to extend this feature to all emojis in the system.

Google messages

Using emojis to reply to Google messages has been available since 2020. But the restrictions on seven emojis haven’t made it public. This feature has not been upgraded since then. The only addition was to “translate” iMessage reactions. This makes it easy to message friends who use an iPhone.

Interacting with an emoji is exactly the same with almost all chatting apps. Simply tap and hold on the message on the app. And when you do, the emoji menu will appear. You can then swipe and select any emoji of your choice. The emoji will appear on a part or corner of the message to confirm your reaction. Users can also add a new emoji which is not available in the list. This is a new option that Google is adding to the feature.

When you find any message with emoji in it, you can see the users who interacted with the emoji. Simply click on the emoji in the message and the name of the users who interacted with the emoji will appear. This is when the message is in a group. And in the event that it’s a personal message, you simply know that the recipient didn’t just ignore you. And the emoji will tell you the recipient’s final response.

Important features in the Google Messages application

  1. Voice message texts

Currently, Google Messages supports sending and receiving a voice memo. And this does not depend on whether the chat is via RCS, SMS or MMS. This means that anyone can send a voice memo and anyone can receive it. However, such recordings (voice memos) may not always be the best way to get your message across. For some reason, people avoid using voice memos. One of the reasons is that words are difficult to hear due to sound pressure. Also, the receiver may be in a noisy environment and may not be able to listen to the voice message.

Google messages
Google messages

The new voice message text will come to the rescue in these situations. This feature will help convert voice memos into words. There will be different options for users to choose. You can either choose to automatically transcribe all incoming voice memos or transcribe them manually by clicking on the Copy button. Although the 9to5google experts were able to get the feature to work, it doesn’t look like it will be rolling out anytime soon.

Experts claim that the texts are in most cases true. But it’s not quite as fast as Google Assistant’s voice typing on the Pixel 6. There’s a noticeable delay when hitting “Transcribe” in a 13-second recording.

The experts said: “Transcripts can help when the sound of an audio message is not clear or when listening is not an option. Voice messages are only transcribed to your device and the text contents are not sent to Google. Manage at any time in Settings.

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  1. Exhibition display promotion

The third feature that Google Messages will offer is a new look for the photo gallery. And in the new design, users can scroll through images vertically. This is not possible with the current design which only allows horizontal scrolling.

Google messages
Google messages

The vertical design gives users more screen space and offers a smooth experience. Also, there are some changes in terms of buttons. A new option for Folders now replaces the old Gallery button. Experts believe that this new design fits perfectly with Material You from Google.

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