The New State Mobile update brings a lot of excitement and suspense with new rules and exciting weapons

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PUBG Mobile New State Mobile released its November update today, and the developers have also released the official patch notes. The latest update introduces a new DMR weapon named “SL8” to players and is set to bring new BR rules as well as a new mode called Shooting Gallery and a lot of cool missions that will make the game more fun.

New state mobile pubg update

The new update added an SL8 that uses 5.56mm ammunition to the weapon inventory in New State Mobile. It features high damage numbers while maintaining excellent stability. Another major addition in the new update is the photo gallery mode that will be added to the training mode.

The update also includes many other updates to maps and sounds during the addition of BR season 6. Note that recruit mode has ended, and it is the second mode in New State Labs. It is set to come back later with many improvements.

Patch Notes v0.9.42 in PUBG New State Mobile

PUBG New State Mobile
PUBG New State Mobile

New weapon SL8

It uses 5.56mm ammo and allows players to attach various parts such as muzzle slots, scope, magazines and stock.

The new weapon’s C1 customization attaches the muffler barrel, which increases damage and adds a suppression effect.

New Battle Royale rules

With the new update coming to the game, the game’s battle royale rules have undergone major changes.

PUBG New State Mobile
PUBG New State Mobile

In the event that the player dies before the end of the blue phase of stage 2 in the solo or multiplayer Battle Royale mode, you can reappear on the battlefield without requiring a respawn by your friends. And from stage 3, the only way the player can return is via the Green Flare Gun.
Even if everyone died, everyone could return to the battlefield to play once as long as it was before the third stage.
The player is deployed from a drone in a taxi, and is free to deploy anywhere on the field along the drone’s path.

New shooting gallery game mode in New State Mobile PUBG

This mode is a feature of the Training mode, and the player is supposed to hit as many targets as possible within three one-minute rounds to earn points.

PUBG New State Mobile
PUBG New State Mobile

The player can also get a bonus by shooting down two consecutive targets within two seconds.

Players’ rankings are determined by the highest score they achieve. They will be rewarded based on their ranking once the season is over.

Audio updates

  • A distinction was made between the sound of the footsteps of fellows and the footsteps of the enemy.
  • Reset Bounty Royale category and prize money.

The previous Bounty Royale tier and prize money will be reset, and players will receive rewards based on the total prize money in their mail.

Out-of-game updates

Season 6 of Battle Royale starts with the new update. Season 6 rewards include the ultimate tier parachute.

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