Apple WWDC 2021 what to expect

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Apple launches its annual worldwide developer conference in about two hours, and you can watch it by tuning in to the feed below or from your phone or tablet by going to Apple Event website.

Like the recent Apple events, the WWDC conference will be an online event, and Apple has prepared a video conference with high production value and hopefully concise presentations. Here’s what to expect.

iOS 15

Of course, Apple’s biggest announcement will be the next version of iOS, its most popular operating system. Tentatively named iOS 15, the new piece of iPhone software is rumored to bring improvements in messaging, privacy, accessibility and iMessage.

Messages can begin to accommodate different scenarios such as working, driving, sleeping – with different settings, Do not disturb variables and automatic responses depending on the situation.

Starting with iOS 15, Apple could inform you which apps collect information silently.

As for iMessage, it is said that Apple is working on making the messaging service more of a social network. Apple is reportedly working on many new features for iMessage that may or may not be ready for prime time on the WWDC main key.

New accessibility features may include two-way hearing aid support, a new background sound mode that plays sounds to hide unwanted environmental noise, Apple SignTime allows customers to communicate with AppleCare and Apple Retail through sign language. AssistiveTouch allows people with limb differences to navigate the Apple Watch, VoiceOver screen reader will be able to explore objects within images, and so on.

iPad 15

Apple recently brought the M1 chip to the iPad Pro lineup, and with the next version of iPadOS, we expect a major redesign of the home screen. A rumor add-on is the ability to place widgets anywhere on the screen.

Apple was able to deliver on new features on the iPad, making better use of the M1 chip.


Apple could announce HomeOS – a new platform dedicated to smart home devices like Apple TV, HomePod and HomePod Mini and others.

New MacBook Pros with a new Apple chip

Apple has long been rumored to be working on a major redesign of the MacBook Pro, and many insiders have pointed to a WWDC announcement.

Apple was finally able to unveil the 14-inch MacBook Pro as well as the next 16-inch MacBook Pro. Both bring a new design, possibly inspired by the flat-sided iPhone 12 and iPad Pro line. The Touch Bar is said to be set out on pastures in favor of good old physical function keys.

Apple is reportedly catering to dissatisfied MacBook Pro buyers by returning the SD card reader and HDMI port to the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro as well as returning the beloved MagSafe magnetic charging port.

Both of Apple’s latest MacBooks are powered by a second-generation Apple chip, possibly called the M2 or M1X. It is said to bring 10-core processors (8 high-performance cores and 2 efficiency cores) and 16 or 32-core graphics processors. RAM is rumored to be up to 64 GB.

Reports have suggested brighter and higher contrast screens on both new MacBooks, highly likely mini-LEDs, as on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

VR headset?

This is unlikely, but some sources have pointed to WWDC as the advertising site for Apple’s notorious VR headset. It should include 2 8K screens and a number of motion detection cameras. The price is planned to be around $ 3,000.

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