iPhone 14 Pro Max shocking price hike

Tamsin Rodriguez1 June 2022Last Update : 3 weeks ago
iPhone 14 Pro Max shocking price hike

It seems that Tim Cook, the president of Apple, does not stop taking headache relievers in his office due to the disturbing news coming from China, and the headache infection seems to be transmitted from the company’s president to iPhone lovers due to a report that some may see disturbing about the upcoming prices of the iPhone 14 Pro Max and the rest of his brothers .

iPhone 14 Pro Max details

But let’s start with the positive news. The famous Korean website ET News said that for the first time in the history of the iPhone, Apple will install a front camera of a South Korean manufacture in the upcoming iPhone. The camera comes with significant upgrades in image quality but comes with a high cost increase.

The report stated that Apple bought a new “advanced” front camera module from the Korean LG and the Japanese Sharp. The new selfie camera is expected to appear in this year’s iPhone 14, and it is expected to provide improved features, and will raise your auto-focus capability. And the lens aperture of f / 1.9, while the iPhone 13 has a narrower aperture of 2.2.

This also means improved depth in Portrait mode and video calls.

But the negative news was confirmed more after more than one reliable source mentioned that the production of the iPhone 14 Max will be “delayed”. Because of the closure of Shanghai in China as a result of the global epidemic crisis.

That means seeing the iPhone 14 series come in batches just like the iPhone 12 did.

But the biggest disturbing news is the high phone prices due to the high cost resulting from the addition of modern technologies for the front camera and the delay and cost of production processes.

And the American magazine Forbes stated that these reasons will raise the prices of the iPhone by $ 100 for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, while the new iPhone 14 Max will rise by $ 200. for attention that An advertisement for the Apple Pay payment service Show a phone An iPhone is different from any previous phone, here’s a 15-second ad explaining the process of using Apple Pay in a store. A phone appears with a pair of smaller screen holes instead of the notch, a front camera hole and a small double notch at the top of the screen to accommodate the Face ID sensors.

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