A well-known and very popular Android app that should be deleted immediately from your phone

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There are many who use the WhatsApp application, but there is a large group of users who resort to modified versions, which can be more harmful than you think. And if you have this modified version in your phone, delete it now!

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The most famous modification of the popular instant messaging application is WhatsApp Plus. Although it may offer some “interesting” features, this APK file can fill your device with malware, have glitches, and many other issues.

If you are using or planning to use WhatsApp Plus, it is best to remove it from your phone

The world of apps on your phone is as vast as it is interesting. However, just as it is vast, it can also be a dangerous place.

Generally, the apps in the Google Play Store go through certain security filters until they reach the users. However, this method does not end up being completely infallible.

Now imagine all the risks he can take outside the Google Play Store or any other official app store. This is where APK apps on your Xiaomi phone come into play, files that may be harmless or very harmful.

A clear example of this is WhatsApp Plus. It is a modified version of WhatsApp, but it adds certain functions that the original version does not have. Among these can change the color of chats, send images without losing quality, a larger selection of emojis and much more.

However, WhatsApp Plus stops being a dream come true when you find out that all the APK files of this mod are contaminated. It is enough to pass the downloaded file through an antivirus scanner to detect all the malware it contains.

Why is this happening? Because WhatsApp Plus is not controlled by the same developer. They are different people, they do not have very clear intentions, and they are responsible for creating their own modifications. Also, these contaminated apps may end up asking for unnecessary permissions.

The bottom line:

Despite everything you can do with WhatsApp Plus, do not download it to your phone. And if you have already done so, delete it now! It is always better to use the official WhatsApp, which you can download from the official store on Android and iOS.

Do you use WhatsApp Plus?

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