The best fantasy football games – the World Cup experience in augmented reality

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If you are a football follower, then of course you have heard of Fantasy games, for which we have dedicated this article for you to put you in the picture of the best fantasy football games, which are interactive realistic games that add another dimension and additional fun to football matches.

Since people are busy with the World Cup, this is your chance to try these games. Today we present the full explanation of the current fantasy football game system.

What are fantasy games?

Fantasy games, competitions and sports leagues in general are interactive and realistic games based on the actual events taking place in the played competitions. Each user has a limited budget to buy players and form an integrated team with veteran players in the starting line-up and reserves, so that the players in your starting line-up will be ranked in Each round based on their real performance on the field.

Of course, since your budget is limited, you will not be able to bring in superstars at the level of all positions and lines. Here you have to awaken the spirit of the coach inside you and choose unknown players that you expect to explode in the competition.

Of course, the matter will not be random. The feat coach must study the performance and statistics of the existing players and monitor their performance in previous years, and why not even watch previous matches for them to make sure that you have chosen the appropriate option, so who knows? You may discover a future star!

After the stage of creating the team comes the stage of the plan, the user must choose a lineup consisting of influential players with an important percentage in their team as well as the most present in the starting lineup because all this contributes to reaping the largest number of points, also make sure to give the captaincy to whoever you expect to get the highest rating Because the leader always gets his score doubled.

Likewise, if you notice a decline in the level of any player, or one of them does not provide the required level, you can sell him after the end of the round and buy a player with a higher level.

With regard to the scoring scale, it differs from one game to another, but in general, the player must play at least 60 minutes in the match. Players are scored on goals according to the position of each player, for example, if the defender scores, he will get more points than the midfielder or attacker, while The attacker gets the least number of points if he scores because it is the nature of the attacker to score.

Points are also made on the assist (the sense pass to make the goal) regardless of the player’s position. As for the goalkeeper, saves are also counted for him, with points deducted for each goal that enters the goal. Also, mistakes and yellow and red cards play an important role in the final pointing for each player, so from It is important to choose the most disciplined players on the field.

The best fantasy football games - the World Cup experience in augmented reality

Now, let’s get acquainted with a list of the best fantasy games that currently exist.

The best fantasy football games

Beginning with a World Cup fantasy with FIFA+

With the World Cup competition heating up, hurry up and call up your 15-man squad to start the points race in the toughest tournament in football history. Study the first-round groups and make sure you pick players from teams who are expected to be themselves tall in the tournament, at the same time have fun In each round, do not let the mania of collecting points distract you from the experience of new players.

As for the prize, unlike all similar fantasy football games, the game will not provide any prize for the first place holder, in return, once the player registers before the start of the game and establishes his own team, his name will enter the draw to win two tickets to attend the World Cup Final, the game is inside FIFA + on android And the iOS And theEven on the browser.

Fantasy games

Second: Copa Fantasy

A new game that is no less fun and exciting than the top fantasy football games, this game is unique because it presents the World Cup theme, and also offers prizes every week that are shirts for players personally signed by them, such as Iniesta.

You can play with or without registration, then choose your favorite tournament from among the largest football leagues, after that form your team of 15 players, then choose the main and reserve players, the game is in addition to the classic fantasy system that can be played remotely By the official website or apply android or iOS.

Fantasy games

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Third: Fantasy Premier League

The most famous fantasy game among all competitors, the competition is intense between the players, just as it is in the English Premier League. Build your team from the league players and choose smartly your plan in each round.

The company offers valuable prizes to those who get the highest score every week, while the first place holder in the entire league will get the opportunity to attend two matches with a trip to England for a week, in addition to a package of valuable prizes that a player with the mentality of a coach like you deserves. The game can be played on the website online or the Premier League app at android or iOS.

Fantasy games

Fourth: Fantasy Champions League

With the same system, you have to create a list of players whose teams qualified for the Champions League without the ability to choose more than three players from the same team. The application itself gives you a set of tools to help you make the right decision in the starting lineup.

For example, the application provides accurate statistics for each player and important information about him within the tournament. Other than that, it differs from other similar games in that the budget allowed for purchase increases from 100 million to 105 million after reaching the round of 16. As for the prizes, they are no less valuable and wonderful than the rest of the games. Other Fantasy, playable on:to the official website or Champions league app on Android And the iOS.

The best fantasy football games - the World Cup experience in augmented reality

Fifth: ESPN Fantasy Sports

The Fantasy game is presented by the international sports network ESPN, what distinguishes it from other games is that it is not limited to football leagues, you can also play in basketball, ice hockey or even Baseball leagues.

Build your team and start playing and competing in the leagues within the game. You can also create a private league to compete with your friends or family members. Try to be active in the transfer market and buy the most contributing players on the field to earn the most points. The game is available on the company’s application in Android And the iOS.

The best fantasy football games - the World Cup experience in augmented reality

We now present to you the video clip from the (Digital TV) channel via YouTube, for full details regarding the best fantasy football games:

These were the best fantasy games that you can enjoy as a football fan, share with us your favorite game below in the comments section.

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