The Galaxy Book 2 Go Galaxy Book2 Go receives FCC certification confirming the imminent launch – here are the specifications

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Samsung is said to be working on a bunch of new Galaxy Book devices. Recently, the Galaxy Book 2 Go Wi-Fi and its Galaxy Book 2 Go 5G sibling appeared on the Bluetooth SIG database, and their support pages have been posted on the official website. for the brand.

Now, the two Samsung laptops have been spotted on the US FCC certification site, which revealed their main specifications. Here are the details..

Specifications of the Galaxy Book 2 Go Wi-Fi with his brother, the 5G model

The FCC website reveals that the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Go Wi-Fi and Galaxy Book2 Go 5G are codenamed Hermes 14 (WiFi) and Hermes 14 (5G), respectively. This hints that the devices will have a 14-inch screen.

Further, the listing indicates that the cellular variant will arrive in silver and light gray hues while the Wi-Fi-only model will be available in a light gray shade, and is also listed to support 45W charging.

Additionally, the FCC confirms that the Galaxy Book 2 Go Wi-Fi will measure 224mm x 15mm x 324mm.

Galaxy Book 2 Go

As mentioned earlier, the laptops were previously spotted on the Bluetooth SIG website, which confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Go (model number NP340XNA) and Book2 Go 5G (NP345XNA) will come with Bluetooth v5.2.

They will likely run Windows 11, and rumors suggest that the Galaxy Book2 Go series will support Qualcomm FastConnect 6700 as well as Wi-Fi 6E.

A support page for the two Samsung devices has also been posted on the brand’s UK support website, hinting at an imminent launch.

Details about laptops are still very few, as the Korean company has not confirmed anything about the upcoming Galaxy computers, the Galaxy Book 2 Go, but it is expected that we will know more about them in the near future.

Galaxy Book 2 Go

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