The Google Photos application brings a great feature to users.. So what is it and how does it work?

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Google Photos is one of the best photo storage apps. The app comes with a variety of features that make it easy to store, edit, and share photos. The app also offers great search capabilities, allowing you to find images that contain specific objects, places, or people. And it looks like Google Image’s search prowess is about to get better, as a new report has revealed that the app is testing a new face-based search tool.

Google Photos search tool

google photos app

A new report says that Google has replaced the Lens button in the Photos app with a new global search shortcut. You may have used the lens option at the bottom of the screen while looking at the image. It helps to perform searches using images instead of words as well as translating words from the images you clicked.

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How does google photos feature work

The new search tool that replaces the Lens tab combines the facial recognition features of Google Images. And when you use this feature on a photo with a face, the app searches for the same face in other photos you’ve taken in the past. And if you click on an object in the same photo, you will be taken to the full Google Lens app. This new button will give you the option to revisit your old photos.

google photos app
google photos app

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Currently, the new search icon is only available on a limited number of Android devices, so you can still see the Lens tab in the Photos app. And if the new feature receives good feedback, Google will roll it out with the next update.

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