Apple brings new pricing and equalization tools to the App Store

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Apple is bringing more app pricing options to developers starting in Spring 2023. The lowest supported price point will be $0.29, while the highest price point is now $10,000. Developers will also be given the opportunity to define price per storefront across 45 currencies in 175 territories. Apps and subscriptions will now be able to increase by $0.10 up to $10 and by $0.50 between $10 and $50, etc.

App Store new options for price flexibility

Starting today, developers with subscription-based apps will be able to manage currency and taxes across different storefronts, with the option to select a local storefront and then automatically generate prices across other countries and currencies. The function pricing by storefront will be extended to all apps in spring 2023.

For developers distributing their apps around the world, the App Store’s global equalization tools have given them a simple and convenient way to manage pricing across international markets. Today’s enhancements expand these capabilities, allowing developers to keep their local currency constant in any storefront of their choice, even when currency and taxes fluctuate.

Another new feature is the ability to price apps and subscriptions beyond the default $0.99 with new options like $0.90 and $1.00 which will be useful for managing bundles and annual plans. In addition, developers will be able to set territory pricing for their apps and subscriptions, which guarantees that their products will not be affected by the App Store’s automatic price adjustments.


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