How long has the iPhone been used since USB-C? The European Union sets the official deadline

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The European Union has set an official deadline for when all smartphones sold in its jurisdiction must have a USB-C port, including iPhones.

How long has the iPhone been used since USB-C?

The EU formally approved the General Shipper Act in October, but the exact date of when the law will come into effect is unknown.

Now, according to a report published by the site macrumorsThe European Union says all smartphones must have USB-C by December 28, 2024.

Other consumer products, such as tablets and gadgets, will also be required to switch to USB-C under the new law. And products that rely solely on wireless charging without a port won’t have to include USB-C.

Apple’s vice president of global marketing, Greg Jozwiak “Jaws”, confirmed that Apple would have no choice but to abide by the new EU law.

Joz didn’t say when Apple will make the switch to USB-C and away from Lightning, but with the deadline in December 2024, Apple could wait until the iPhone 16 in September 2024 before moving to the newer port.

Reports indicate that Apple plans to switch to USB-C before fall 2024 with the iPhone 15 in September 2023. Other Apple products and accessories such as AirPods and Mac keyboards, mice, and trackpads are also expected to fit with USB-C soon after.

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