Top 10 Android and iOS games for the year 2022 – a list that will really impress you

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After years of playing PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, or Call Of Duty, we present to you the 10 best Android and iOS games for the year 2022, maybe it’s time to try new games, and who knows? Perhaps you will fall in love with one of the games that has been hiding all year in the shadows of the aforementioned games.

You know very well that the world of games does not stop with new things, and perhaps while you were drowning in the sea of ​​addiction to a certain game that you love, you did not know about some other new and wonderful games, and here are the 10 best games for the year 2022.

Top 10 Android and iOS games for the year 2022

1- Getting started with Apex Legends Mobile

After the great success brought about by the PC version, the game expanded its success on the mobile. Choose your hero and the game environment and go down the battlefield without any fear of the rest of the players. If you have experience in survival games such as PUBG, Fortnite and Call of Duty, take advantage of this knowledge to devise tactics And plans to eliminate competitors.

Remember well the location of the weapons to make it easier for you to find them in time of need. There is more than one mode to avoid boredom and enjoy in several ways. It is obvious that there is group play with friends by forming an alliance and eliminating every competitor with one hand. The game is available for free with purchases within it for Android And the iOS.

Second: Last Hope 3

The second place among the top 10 games is a challenging and exciting action game in which you will fight zombies from a first-person perspective and try to rid the world of their evil.

There are four different modes in the game: story mode where you will help the survivors to rebuild the city and protect it from the zombie terror that has haunted it for years, Sniper mode in which you have to turn into a ruthless killer to kill zombies from long distances, and in contract mode you are required to kill all zombies within a period A short time, and finally the defense mode you will be in the midst of a crowd of zombies to defend yourself, the game is available for free on android And the iOS.

Top 10 games

Third: Modern Warships

Followed by among the top 10 action games and excitement of another kind, if you do not prefer traditional war games and land combat, try for the first time naval wars, you are the captain of your warship and war fleet, develop strategies that are in line with the marine environment, destroy enemy ships and enjoy watching them crash with realistic graphics.

The game allows you to rely on a range of weapons including missiles and machine guns, and you will also be able to fly helicopters to terrorize opponents. The game is available for free on android And the iOS.

Top 10 games

Fourth: Dislyte game

It won the title of the best group game for the year 2022 by the Play Market, so it is undoubtedly among the list of the top 10 games, a game that combines the developed future and ancient civilizations in a fun way, as the events of the game take place in the near future with legendary characters in different civilizations such as the Greek, Chinese, and Egyptian and European.

What is required of you is to build a team composed of powerful legends that are diverse in terms of strength and supernatural abilities to eliminate all enemies. The game also distinguishes its beautiful environments represented in cities with comfortable neighborhoods for the eye, but all this does not make you forget the main goal of the game, which is to emerge victorious from the battles. Prepare your team and make sure to Adapt them to the appropriate tactic for each battle, and finally get out into the arena. The game is available for free on android And the iOS.

Top 10 games

Fifth: Last Light

Within the list of the top 10 games, you find a game Last Light With realistic graphics and an exciting story, as Netease Studios used to do, you must enter the game with a policy of greater risk, greater returns, start the game and head to the exclusion zone without hesitation and start searching for resources and weapons to fight all the bad guys who were the reason for the region’s arrival to the horror it is.

Also make sure to upgrade your hero and always stay in a healthy and appropriate form and structure to accomplish all the tasks required of you, as well as try to allocate smart tactics and plans so that you do not get eliminated while completing one of the tasks required of you, the game also allows the mode of playing with friends for more fun, it can be downloaded for free on android And the iOS.

Top 10 games

Sixth: Soccer Manager 2023

The second version of the Soccer Manager game that saw the light last year, the game can be considered your first stop to start your coaching career for soccer teams, with more than 500 teams from 35 different countries, you can choose your favorite team to train and take it towards the world, the biggest thing that came with this year’s update is that The game owns the rights to the Bundesliga, so you can enjoy training the strongest players there.

Other than that, there is also a mode for forming your dream team from the brightest stars and making live transfers and deals between other clubs. Bring out the sense of the coach inside you and calculate the matches with your tactics and smart plans. The game deserves to be included in the list of the top 10 games and it is available for free with purchases within it. for Android And the iOS.

Top 10 games

Seventh: Score! Hero 2023

A new version of the game that you will not get tired of, no matter how old you are and how many years have passed, Score Hero is still one of the most enjoyable soccer games that you play with one hand. It is amazing how a simple game can raise the adrenaline in your body just by scoring exceptional and magical goals.

In a serial format, the story of your hero in the game begins with an emerging team that wants to prove its talent stage after stage, after which you start receiving offers from real teams from the currently famous international leagues, so the game has booked a place in the list of the top 10 games and it is available for free on android And the iOS.

Top 10 games

Eighth: Guns at Dawn

Does your pride allow you to lose in a gun battle? If the answer is no, carry your gun inside the game and make every bullet aim at its target to be the only winner in the battle. The game comes in a player against player online mode to raise the level of enthusiasm and engage in battles with players from different parts of the world. Live the atmosphere of one of the top 10 games of the year 2022.

You can control your hero with simple controls that are easy to learn, and it also comes with fully customizable characters and heroes to suit your personality within the game, with only a few elements that can make your character fear all opponents, this is other than the many and varied weapons that you can collect to master defeating your enemies, the game is available for free with Income purchases on android And the iOS.

Top 10 games

Ninth: Knights of the Desert or Knights of the Desert

The first global strategy game that takes place in the ancient Arab civilization, with a 100% Arab atmosphere. Start your journey to build your empire within the game and explore the lands of ancient Arab countries while living the atmosphere of exciting and fun battles and wars.

And like any strategy game, you have to start collecting resources to build your empire, and if necessary, fight and engage in epic wars to keep your region safe, also develop your character and make sure to stay at the highest levels so that all your opponents fear you, this game really should be in the list of the top 10 games Available for free with in-app purchases android And the iOS.

Top 10 games

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Tenth and finally: The Spike

The last game in the list of the top 10 games, as in just a year it succeeded in achieving ten million downloads on the Play Market with a high rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars despite the simplicity of its graphics and its idea, simply and without complication it is a game of volleyball and according to the company’s words Developed, playing it relieves stress while working or studying.

When you enter the game for the first time, your hero will come to life, and you will accompany him throughout his transformations and progress through the course of the game. It may seem difficult at first, so the company warns you initially that it needs some practice and training before starting seriously. With progress in the game, your skill will develop and the percentage of fun will gradually increase. purchases within it for android and iOS.

Top 10 games

We finished showing the games, leave us the game you liked the most in the comments section.

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