Samsung Galaxy A Fold is a foldable phone coming soon at a cheap price

alex mathos5 June 2022Last Update : 4 weeks ago
Samsung Galaxy A Fold is a foldable phone coming soon at a cheap price

The latest leaks have now revealed that the Korean company Samsung is working on the foldable Samsung Galaxy A Fold, which will come at a cheap price.

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The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 debuted last year with a whopping $1,799 price tag. The company’s foldable phones usually come at a great price but this may change in the future, with leaks claiming that Samsung now has a mid-range phone – the Samsung Galaxy E-fold foldable.

And while Samsung wasn’t the first to launch a foldable smartphone – Royale FlexPai is an honour – the first-generation Galaxy Fold was the first foldable device to become mainstream, and Samsung has continued to push the sector forward ever since. The company’s foldable phones are still more expensive than their traditional models, but that could change soon.

According to leaker @chunvn8888, Samsung may be working on an affordable foldable phone. The foldable device is expected to be a counterpart to the company’s mainstream Galaxy A series, which will make it slightly cheaper than the current premium foldable Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3.

Reportedly, the Galaxy foldable is reasonably priced – which can Signal Explicitly, in the name of Samsung Galaxy iFold, a foldable phone coming soon at a cheap price – under development.

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What do you think about the idea of ​​Samsung launching a foldable phone in the mid-range category?

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