Xiaomi MIUI 14 interface brings 3 new and great features to eligible phones..Discover it now

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Recently, we have discovered many features that the awaited Xiaomi MIUI 14 interface will bring, thanks to various leaks and rumors.

The new Xiaomi 13 series will be the first flagship mobile phones to come with the MIUI 14 update. Although this new interface brings many features, some of them are amazing and outstanding. Here are the top 3 amazing features that Xiaomi MIUI 14 will bring.

The most important features of the Xiaomi MIUI 14 interface

Learn about the most prominent 3 new and wonderful features in the next update:

1- Third-party application acceleration engine “Photon Engine”

Xiaomi introduced the “Photon Engine” to help speed up third-party apps. Any app you download from any source can be much better in speed with the new MIUI 14 update. The “Photon Engine” optimizes the depth of the Linux kernel and brings an unparalleled smooth experience to MIUI users.

reveal Official poster The Photon Engine feature in MIUI 14 reports that third-party apps can increase by 88% in speed. Also, the feature will also reduce the power consumption of applications by up to 16%.

Xiaomi’s head of development, Jia Fan, claims that MIUI 14 will have four main features. This system will come with fewer pre-installed apps. It will also bring more practical features as well as a new design. The system will be more stable with a smooth experience. The Chinese company also released the official logo for the MIUI 14 interface, which comes with the slogan “Forge new life”.

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2- Ultra-pure system

The most attractive feature of MIUI 14 is the new “ULTRA-PURE” system feature. Xiaomi considers this system “ultra-clean” because it comes with minimal firmware. It also uses little memory and pre-installs the fewest number of apps.

Xiaomi MIUI 14 interface brings 3 new and great features to eligible phones..Discover it now

According to reports, users can delete all internal apps, leaving only eight (8). Only very relevant applications such as phone calls, test messages, watches and the App Store can remain on the phone. This can make the mobile phone very light and fast.

Freeing up the interface also means reducing memory requirements. Users can strictly control the memory usage of system applications and services. This will also free up boot memory as much as possible. According to CEO Lei Jun, users are now entitled to choose which app is left on their device. Apart from the eight necessary apps, all other pre-installed apps can be deleted.

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3- Changeable icons

Another great feature of the MIUI 14 interface is its support for large icons that can be changed. Your familiar desktop icons could be bigger and better, but the new size makes your desktop layout even cooler. There are reports that MIUI 14 will support new customizable icons and widgets. The interface will also bring large folders.

Xiaomi MIUI 14 interface brings 3 new and great features to eligible phones..Discover it now

Thus, users who always wanted to have fewer but bigger icons on their desktops can get them now. Thus, the MIUI 14 update gives users a lot of options.

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Which of the above features did you like most? Share with us in the comments.

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