Samsung phones have a wonderful secret button .. Here is how to activate it and what are its functions!

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Samsung has very interesting tools that will help you simplify tedious actions when performing a certain action, as you can quickly access the camera by double-clicking the power button, and create shortcuts for calls. So you won’t be searching for the number in your contact list, as well as widgets. But not many users know that the South Korean company hides a secret multi-function button on their devices. So we will show you how to enable it instantly with easy and simple steps.

Steps to activate the secret button in Samsung phones

Samsung phones

First, enter your phone’s Settings Samsung which you select with the cogwheel icon.
Now, scroll down and click on the section that says Accessibility.
Click on the “Interaction and Capability” option.
Proceed to activate the Help Menu switch and then Allow.

After following these steps, you will have already enabled the secret button, with which you can take a screenshot, access background apps, adjust volume, and many more cool tasks. All of them are shortcuts that will save you time and will be very useful at any time.
You can adjust the size or transparency of the button. To do this, tap Help Menu, then Help Menu Size, and then Transparency again.

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Free up RAM space on Samsung phones

Samsung phones
Samsung phones

There is a trick to free up RAM space on Android and to do that follow these steps:

Enter Settings of your Android phone with the cog wheel icon.
Find the section “Battery and device care” and click on it.
You will see three sections: “Battery”, “Storage” and “RAM”, tap on the latter.
In this part you will see how much RAM your phone has and how much it has consumed, for example: 2GB / 4GB is in use, it means you are using 2GB out of the 4GB that is in the phone.

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