Apple WWDC 2022 Developer Conference: WatchOS 9 Features Officially

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Tamsin Rodriguez6 June 2022Last Update : 4 weeks ago
Apple WWDC 2022 Developer Conference: WatchOS 9 Features Officially

Today, Apple officially held its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2022) with the presence of Khalifa Al-Haroun, Mr. Q from the Raqmi TV team, during which the company is showcasing the next generation of its devices operating systems.

The company introduces the new operating systems that run all iPhones, Macs, iPads, Apple Watches and Apple TV as well. Today, we’ll show you the highlights of the new Apple smartwatch operating system, watchOS 9, which brings new features and enhanced experiences to the world’s leading wearable operating system.

Features of watchOS 9

introduce system watchOS 9 New ways to stay connected, connected, active and healthy. Features include more customizable watch faces, an advanced workout app, sleep stages, a first-of-its-kind atrial fibrillation history history, and an all-new medication app.

Watch faces for all tastes

Apple WWDC 2022 Developer Conference: WatchOS 9 Features Officially

Apple Watch faces give users the opportunity to express their own style while connecting them to important information at a glance through extensions.

The new system brings four interfaces including:

  • The “lunar” calendar interface, which depicts the relationship between the Gregorian calendar and the lunar calendar used in many cultures such as Chinese, Islamic, and Hebrew
  • Playtime interface.
  • Metropolitan interface.
  • Astronomy interface featuring a new star map.

The system also brings enhanced and updated additions to some of the more classic watch faces, such as the Utility interface, the Simple interface, and the Activity Analog interface.

Also, the background colors of the Modular interface can now be modified, and the new Portrait interface can display a depth effect on more images such as cats, dogs, and landscapes.

More accurate fitness tracking

Apple WWDC 2022 Developer Conference: WatchOS 9 Features Officially

The Workout app has been updated so that users can see important metrics for different exercise styles. New alerts including speed, power, heart rate, and step rate have also been added to guide the user through the exercise.

The system adds more data and features to help see how well users are running. Running patterns measurements can be added. It studies your movement up, down and all directions, giving you more stats.

The watch can teach your goal and thus help you increase the intensity of the exercise or reduce the exercise to get the best results.

Swimmers can track their swimming efficiency by the score on the SWOLF scale.

Share some details with your friends via the Fitness app

With the new watchOS 9, Fitness+ will display on-screen instructions as well as coaches’ workouts to help users get the most out of their workouts.

Fitness+ subscribers who don’t have an Apple TV can now use AirPlay to stream exercise and meditation sessions.

Sleep analysis feature and share details accurately to the user

Apple WWDC 2022 Developer Conference: WatchOS 9 Features Officially

WatchOS 9’s sleep tracking provides even more information with the introduction of sleep stages. The Apple Watch can detect whether the user is in basic sleep or deep sleep using accelerometer and heart rate sensor signals. More information will also be displayed, heart rate and respiratory rate.

The history of atrial fibrillation is unprecedented

Apple WWDC 2022 Developer Conference: WatchOS 9 Features Officially

People diagnosed with atrial fibrillation can turn on the FDA-approved atrial fibrillation history history feature and access important and more detailed information about the user’s condition.

Users will receive weekly notifications and see a detailed history in the Health app, including lifestyle factors that can affect atrial fibrillation such as sleep, alcohol consumption, and exercise.


New watchOS 9 will encrypt all of your health and fitness data in the Health app when your iPhone is locked with a passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID. Also, the iCloud backup of any data from the Health app is encrypted while it’s being transferred or saved on our servers.

Additional updates in watchOS 9

Redesigned notifications with new, slim banners

  • Invite a child to be a member to control HomePod speakers and smart home accessories
  • Users can do more with a two-finger double gesture including answering or ending a call, and taking a photo
  • People who use Apple Watch can use it easier than ever before
  • Support for more languages ​​such as French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), and Spanish (Mexico, Spain, and Latin America) on Apple Watch Series 7.
  • Support and add more details such as date, time, location, tags, and notes in the Reminders app.

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