3 important and unique features in the new Xiaomi MIUI 14 interface

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Inc revealed xiaomi Recently, it announced its new interface, Xiaomi MIUI 14, in conjunction with the announcement of the Xiaomi 13 series of phones, and the new interface contained many important and exciting features.. Today we will show you 3 of the most important advantages of the new interface from Xiaomi, so let us go..


Xiaomi MIUI 14

Xiaomi introduced what is called the Photon Engine, which is a tool within the interface to help speed up third-party applications, so any application you will download from an external party will be much faster thanks to the Xiaomi MIUI 14 interface, and the Photon Engine accelerates external applications by 88% according to a poster I published. Formerly Xiaomi.

The feature will also reduce the power consumption of applications by up to 16%, so if you are going to use this new interface, you will definitely feel the changes that we talked about.

2. Ultra-Pure

3 important and unique features in the new Xiaomi MIUI 14 interface

One of the most attractive features in the new interface of Xiaomi MIUI 14, and we can call it “ultra-purity” and it comes with the minimum amount of firmware, how much this feature installs the least number of pre-applications, as it is possible to delete all internal applications and keep only 8 They are needed to operate the phone, such as the calls and messages application, the store, and the clock, and this is what helps make the phone light and quick to handle.

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In the past years, Xiaomi has upgraded the MIUI interface and thus increased the numbers of firmware, but with the Ultra Pure feature, the system size will be reduced by 23% compared to the previous version.

Changeable icons

3 important and unique features in the new Xiaomi MIUI 14 interface

Another feature introduced by the Xiaomi MIUI 14 interface is the large, changeable icons, as the desktop icons for your phone can be bigger and better, as the system and the new interface support new and customizable user interface elements, and folders will also be provided to facilitate handling of applications.

So users who always wanted fewer but bigger icons can get this now.

Here is a section to explain how to change the shape and size of icons:

We can now say that the MIUI 14 interface will give users a lot of options.. Are you excited to try it if you are a Xiaomi phone user????

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